16 thoughts on “2024 Game 50: Texas Teams At Minnesota Teams”

  1. I haven't watched a ton of basketball, but I have to say I've never seen a team need to call a timeout because nobody was anywhere in the vicinity of the in-bounder.

    1. What's been annoying about this series so far is the Wolves have been playing really not great, and Dallas is still just barely eking by. A few minor things happen in either game and this is a 2-0 Wolves series.

      1. The guy you want the ball in his hands at the end of the game to make "the shot". Dallas has 2 guys like that. I hope ANT turns into that guy, but he ain't that guy right now. Neither is Kat, or anyone else on this team. That is what we are missing. On another note, we almost won both those games despite ANT not finding his shooting touch. If he gets hot, anything can happen.

  2. Worth mentioning: we're on the road during the game today and I'm finding Attebery and Gladden much better than I have previously this season. I think earlier in the game they're unfocused, but late in the game they're definitely better.

    Also, Kiriloff!

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