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Minor Details: Games of June 22

Byron Buxton hits a home run and Stephen Gonsalves pitches five shutout innings.  Omar Bencomo has a rare bad outing.  Luis Arraez and Alex Kirilloff stay hot as Miguel Sano does not.  Another good game for Bailey Ober.  No one can get Ryan Jeffers out.  Felix Jorge looks good in a rehab assignment.  The DSL Twins get blown out late.

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Appalachian League Preview

The last of the short-season leagues, the Appalachian League, starts tonight.  Here's a little basic information about the league.

There are ten teams, divided into two divisions.  They play a sixty-eight game schedule.  Teams take the names of their parent clubs, but are also listed by towns.  The top two teams in each division go to the playoffs.  Each playoff series is best-of-three.

The Elizabethton Twins are once again managed by Ray Smith.  Jeff Reed remains the batting coach and Luis Ramirez is the pitching coach.  Takashi Miyoshi is also a coach.  The play in Joe O'Brien field.  They won the Appalachian League championship last year and have won the championship seven times since 2000.

I'm not going to go through the roster, but there are two things about it that caught my eye.  One is a pitcher named Kody Funderburk.  I was not quickly able to find out if he's related to '80s Twin Mark Funderburk, but it seems at least possible.  The other is that Colton Waltner is listed as a designated hitter.  My guess is that it's a bad sign for your career when you're in the Appalachian League and they've already given up on you as a fielder.

Go E-Twins!

Gulf Coast League Preview

The Gulf Coast League begins play today.  Here's a little basic information.

There are eighteen teams in the Gulf Coast League, divided into four divisions:  East, Northeast, Northwest, and South.  Teams take the names of their parent clubs:  GCL Twins, GCL Nationals, etc.  There are three major league clubs that have two teams in the GCL:  the Phillies, the Tigers, and the Yankees.  In each of these cases, the teams are differentiated geographically:  GCL Tigers East and GCL Tigers West, for example.  The GCL Twins are in the South Division.

The teams play a fifty-six game schedule.  The four division winners make the playoffs.  The first round is a one-game playoff, and the championship series is best-of-three.

Rosters have thirty-five players, at least ten of whom must be pitchers.  I assume that's not a problem for anyone--I would think they'd probably have quite a few more than ten.  The Twins, for example, have fifteen pitchers listed, although I don't think that's their final roster.  No player may have three or more years of minor league service.

The Twins are managed by Dan Ramsey.  Batting coaches are Luis Antonio Rodriguez and Matt Borgschulte, so if length of name makes you a good batting coach the Twins should have a tremendous offense.  The pitching coach is Virgil Vasquez.

It's a low rung, but it's the first step up the ladder.  We'll have fun following them during the 2018 season!