Twins Collectibles Spotlight: Shane Mack Baseball Cards

I noticed a while back that the various baseball card companies have been pretty single-minded in their choices for front photos for Shane Mack's baseball cards. Shane was a favorite of mine, and if you collected baseball cards in the early '90s, you'd know that he was quite the hustler on the base paths. To the left is his 1991 Upper Deck card #188.

clockwise, from top left: 1991 O-Pee-Chee #672; 1993 Topps #282; 1994 Upper Deck #197; 1993 Upper Deck #236, yeah, that's home and not 3rd; 1995 Topps #8; 1992 O-Pee-Chee #164

Until someone proves to me otherwise, Shane Mack is the king of the 3rd base slide horizontal baseball cards.

18 thoughts on “Twins Collectibles Spotlight: Shane Mack Baseball Cards”

  1. Am I loosing it? That top left one is not Shane Mack, right? Isn't that Pagliarulo(sp?)?

    1. I think Pags wasn't yet wearing his mustache in Spring Training 1991, because I don't remember it being on any of his cards that year. Stupid Yankme grooming standards.

    2. Well, you might be "losing" yet, but I also thought that looked less like Mack. He always wore the eye black when he played. Here's a posed photo:

  2. I'm not following your lables, Rhu_Ru. Isn't the O-Pee-Chee card middle left, not top left? And it doesn't look like the 2 Upper Deck cards are next to each other.

  3. I was just looking at this same progression about a week ago, and never did it occur to me to say something to you about it, Rhu_Ru. Great piece to kick off the collectibles series.

    What a talent. If Mack played today he'd be an absolute star.

    1. at the risk of attracting Ms. de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong back again, I'll echo CH. Fantastic post, Rhu_ru.

  4. The bottom right looks like he just slid into second base to break up the double-play and the top-right looks like him diving back after a pickoff at first base. Still, great observation!

    1. Nit-pick much? I kid, I kid...after further review I'd say your assertions are plausible.

      1. No, DPWY is right; I was so fascinated with all the in-the-dirt cards that he was on, but they aren't as exclusively 3rd base as they first appeared. Too much of a hurry to break in the new WGOM with a post. 😛

        1. I have a few cards stored downstairs somewhere from when I was younger. Mostly baseball, but with some football mixed in. I think I collected them becuase that's what you do if you're a little boy who's also a baseball fan. Truth be told, I don't remember studying them so much (you know, really looking at the pictures) as collecting them to have a collection. After looking at your post here (and occasionally lurking over at é ray) I find that really enjoy the "in-depth looking" at cards this way.

          A long-winded way of sayin "Great post, keep 'em coming Rhu-Ru."

          1. I don't study them as much as I should. I do have in mind another post based on a couple cards I know of featuring the player in a less favorable light. I'm going to have to see if I can find some others in that theme as well.

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