Game 20: Twins 10, Indians 3

MINNEAPOLIS -- A freak incident occurred at Target Field on Saturday afternoon. Something happened that no one could remember happening before.

A second digit went up under the "runs" header on the scoreboard.

"I didn't know it could do that," said John Henry "Fred" Johnson, the ballpark's head of scoreboard operations.

The incident occurred after the Minnesota Twins' Danny Valencia hit a ball over the fence and into the upper deck, scattering several stunned patrons. Many fans in the ballpark were unsure of what just happened and assumed it had been a mistake. In fact, Valencia just jogged around the bases and headed back to home. Some believed Valencia was just going back to the plate to continue his at-bat as a sort of "do-over."

However, Valencia only touched home plate and continued back to the dugout. The confusion may have led to the incident, as the second digit went up on the scoreboard after Valencia touched home.

"We were scrambling, trying to figure out what went wrong," Johnson said, "but the official scorekeeper told us to leave it alone. So, we did."

The Indians didn't seem to notice, as they didn't make any complaints and the inning continued. The Twins appeared to enjoy it as they seemed downright giddy in the dugout.

Valencia refused to apologize afterward.

"I'm going to do that every chance I get," he said. "We need to see that second digit again."

12 thoughts on “Game 20: Twins 10, Indians 3”

  1. I don't like having a team that started so poorly, but I greatly dig the rare appearance of snarky socal.

    [Citizen Kane applauding]

  2. Its early in the season, but I was probably wrong about Duensing. I thought Slowey should of been given a slot in the rotation and Duensing would of been better suited for the bullpen as a Matt Guerrier-type pitcher: a guy who can go get an out or two, or go a couple innings. But all the he does is get guys out.

    I forget what the qualification for being a 'Jeremy' pitcher is, but Duesning is a non-descript lefty who gets guys out and that frustrates the other team (why cant we get runs off this guy?!)...I dont know he just kind of fits the label to me.

    1. It's pretty remarkable, all Duensing has done in the bigs is succeed in whatever role he's put in (long relief, LOOGY, starter). At the end of 2009, I was firmly in the Duensing fan club, and, to this point, I haven't had a reason to waver on that.

        1. He has been a revelation. Every successful club (Yankmes excepted) needs to get a "win" now and then from the farm system, i.e., a guy who unexpectedly provides league-average or better performance for peanuts through his serfdom. Duensing looks to be one of Those Guys.

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