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The 2020 WGOM Historical Baseball Draft


As I mentioned in the Cup of Coffee on December 27:

Joe Posnanski is counting down his Top 100 players of all-time in 100 days. Today he posted Mariano Rivera with #91 and while the comments of course are all over the place, one person said, "If all 30 teams started drafting from history right now to make their teams, Rivera would not be taken in the first three or four rounds."

I am proposing a just-for-kicks draft where anyone who joins get a 25 man roster to fill out with any players from baseball history.  The only rule is making the roster of reasonable construction (i.e. no drafting 7 catchers or 22 pitchers).

Each round of the draft will get its own post and I'll keep a spreadsheet of whose been taken.  There'll be no stakes and no time limit. This is just for fun to see what people come up with and what they prioritize.  I am thinking we would do a snake draft.

Would like at least ten participants, and of course the more the better!

What kind of draft should we do?

  • Snake Draft (82%, 9 Votes)
  • Standard Draft (18%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 11

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Minnesota Twins 2010s All-Decade Team

Inspired by The Athletic's all-decade teams for all of baseball, let's see what the Citizens here think of it. Here is Gleeman's article about his all-decade Twins team. I have reproduced it below in spoilered form for reference. Bonus discussion if you post the least-favorite or Bizzaro World team

Here's a template for you to use:
First base:
Second base:
Third base:
Left field:
Center field:
Right field:
Designated Hitter:
Starter 1:
Starter 2:
Starter 3:
Starter 4:
Starter 5:

Spoiler: Gleeman's all-decade team SelectShow

2019 World Series Game 1 — Washington Nationals at Houston Astros

Game 1 of the 2019 World Series, Washington Nationals versus the Houston Astros. This one promises to be a series of excellent starting pitching on both sides and will be fun to see how each dominant starter matches up. Tonight Max Scherzer (who’s given up 1 earned run in 15 playoff innings this year) v. Gerrit Cole (who’s given up 1 earned run in 22.2 playoff innings this year). Which team will get to the pitcher first?

First pitch slated at 7:08p from Houston.

2019 ALCS Game 5

Verlander vs Paxton

Three must win games for the Yankees. Prior to yesterday's game, Szymborski calculated the Astros winning game four followed by three Yankees wins at 5.9% chance of happening following the rainout. Not quite the least likely but very close. The Astros meanwhile had a 70.1% chance.

Fast forward through a pleasingly error-filled Yankees loss and that probability is now 92%. They also have an improbable 65% chance at winning it all. That unfortunately means another short series and lots of waiting until the World Series.