Game 22 Recap: Rays @ The Bullseye

Twins dos, Rays 8

Twins record 9-13, 5 and a half back

I'd link to both fangraphs and mlb's recap, but why bother you won't look at them anyway.
Train Wreck - Prob. Early 1900's

The last time I wrote a recap I said something like 'frankie had a rough day on the mound'. SoCal felt like that was an unfair assessment. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that frankie had a rough day on the mound, and I'm pretty sure SoCal will agree. After allowing hits to the first five batters Liriano struck out the next two batters, issued a base on balls, and induced a ground ball to end the inning. Frankie retired the next six batters in order. Then the wheels fell off the bus. He gave up a single to the first batter in the 4th inning, and then walked the next two to load the bases. Hacker was brought in to relieve frankie, and subsequently walked the first two men he faced. The mortician was called and the game was pronounced dead at the scene.


Featured Minnesota art venue: The Tweed Museum of Art. Next time y'all are in Duluth stop by the Tweed Museum on campus at UMD. There you're likely to encounter an excellent art collection which was donated to UMD by Alice Tweed Tuhoy and her husband George, including examples of French Impressionism, Barbizon school, 19th century spanish landscape paintings, contemporary art (including a print by your author), and a serious collection of Mountie paintings.

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    1. i also feel that this is an inaccurate description. all my experiences in dealing with the railroads could be likened more to a slow painful death rather than a sudden fiery crash.

          1. What's that? I'm serious - I've been passenger on a train, boat, plane, bus, and car while drinking. Train beats them all hands down.

            1. I just wanted to link to that graffiti of Mr Magoo. I'll take your word for it, I've only ridden the train once (not counting subways or light rail), and I was sober as a judge.

              1. Ah, OK. I thought I made some meta-joke equating Frankie to being drunk behind the wheel whatever you drive a train with last night.

                And you've just reminded me to put subway, light rail, L, and city bus on the list (the above bus was inter-city). Train still wins. If you can, get the Enterprise between Dublin and Belfast. It follows the coast for a fair portion of the trip. Absolutely beautiful.

                    1. F-Bomb's performance from Cuddy's viewpoint


                    2. Holy moly, an embedded video! Haven't seen one of those in a while. I'm confused, is Liriano the locomotive, the tornado, or just the general mayhem taking place?

                    3. I wanted the fuel tank to blow up like in a Michael Bay movie.

      1. to be fair, i was referring to trying to move freight via rail (UP, CN, CP, NS, KCS, CSX, all of them banes of my existence).

        i will concur with magoo on rail riding inebriation though. for the US, the scenic car on the amtrak is a great place to get hammered.

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