May 8, 2011: Mom

Susanne Carol Spookymilk has been a smart, poised, and encouraging mother to me since the beginning. She had four rotten teenagers, but she learned from each and all four of us admire her for what she went through; it's to her credit that we all ended up being solid adults. Cheers, mama Milk.

Don't forget to call your own today.

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  1. Sheenie and I watched The Flying Scissors after stumbling into on the instant Netflix last night. The professor is definitely the highlight, but it had some humorous moments. Not as good as a Christopher Guest mockumentary, but enjoyable nonetheless.

  2. Ms Buffalo claims Mother's Day to be like a second birthday.

    1. i surprised jane with some flowers. i whipped them out and said "happy mother's day!" she said, "i'm not a mother..." then stopped in thought for a moment, and immediately started crying. uh... whoops.

    2. "Today is Mothers' Day, so for all of you mothers out there, happy birthday." Ralph Kiner

  3. My fate today includes gardening (if the rain holds off), then shopping. Why, yes, I do love her more than life itself. Why do you ask?

  4. Asparagus season appears to be in top gear. I bought two large bunches on friday for $2/lb. Last night, roasted asparagus with pulled pork and brown rice. The leftover asparagus will go in a salad tomorrow (if it lasts that long).

    I still can't believe that I didn't like asparagus as a kid. Of course, it might have had something to do with preparation (boiled, um, beyond al dente, then creamed). Sorry, mom.

    1. We used to have a mini forest of wild asparagus at my parent's house south of Fargo. I still prefer it grilled.

  5. Mom Runner raised six kids seven years apart in age (two were adopted, so they "cheated") and somehow she's still maintained her sanity, even with Alzheimers on her side of the family. You're a rock, Ma!

    1. Halftime: Dallas 63, LA 39. Dallas' bench has 40 points on 79 percent shooting. Awesome.

        1. I shudder to think of the future of America without New York, Boston, or Los Angeles in the playoffs.

          On a more serious note, I can't really think of a player more deserving of a championship then Dirk.

      1. This series has been incredible.

        [image of Kobe looking a d-bag with his lower jaw jutted out]

        1. So I played the Mavs -1.5 for the game today. As you can imagine, I am feeling pretty good at half time. I see the 2nd half line at Lakers -5.5 leaving me with a 16 point sweet spot and chance to win both wagers. After that Artest, umm, whatever you call it, I am resigned to breaking even today.

  6. Might be of interest to turn on the mlb network right now.

    1. Aw, why you gotta be so cryptic, Hitman? Some of us don't pay for that product. Just spit it out.

  7. The Tweet of the Day, from Shane Battier on Friday (stuck in an elevator):

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