2011 MLB Playoff Brackets

i was daydreaming and had a fun idea: MLB playoff brackets, anyone?

how about this: predict the winner of each series, and win the points. double points if you correctly guess the amount of wins for both winning and losing team.

ALDS/NLDS 1 pt. (best of 5)
ALCS/NLCS 3 pts.
world series 5 pts.

DET v. NYY (1)
TB v. TEX (2)

STL v. PHI (1)
ARI v. MIL (2)

whoever has the most points wins. pretty simple, huh?

if anyone has any suggestions to tweek the rules, let me know. otherwise, post your guesses below. i'll compile them on a spreadsheet and make it available to everyone.

copy and paste the below part:

World Series:

DEADLINE: friday, 30 september 2011 3:00PM CT

67 thoughts on “2011 MLB Playoff Brackets”

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  3. You know how you think maybe an upset is a good idea in this series, and then you end up with no good options to advance in the next round? Yeah, I'm not winning this.

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    1. Not that I'm trying to help you, cheaptoy, but if the TB and MIL division series go as long as you have them going, I will truly be amazed by your predicting prowess.

        1. Alright, now that I've had time to rethink my incredibly dumb post above, here are my real answers:

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  8. I'm definitely gonna wing this one

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  10. full disclosure, i opened DW's but around one second to see if the answering style was correct, but it was brief enough to not see the answers. i will give my vote (which is good for somewhere in the bottom 3), and then crack everyone's seals...

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    1. I mindlessly looked at all of them above you, and didn't think until here why people were putting them in spoilers.

      DQ me if you all must, but I really didn't remember what people had picked, though. I just tried to fit my narrative.
      Also, I'm not a werewolf.

    1. OK, I'm stupid and I was thinking they were all best of seven series. Since that's not true, I have to rework one of these-

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    1. Get your entries in, so you can read mine. I also predicted the narrative of each series.
      I did forget to mention that every game that Detroit loses, they had the lead, but Valverde blows the save. Especially in Game 2 of the ALDS.

      1. I don't know what ii would be doing manning 1B for the Yanks.

        Also, I spell Tieixieiria that way because I know there's an "i" or two in there, and this way I'm sure not to miss one.

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  17. I don't think I'm going to win.

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  18. Nothing ventured, nothing gained:

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  19. alright, everyone can take a look at the spreadsheet here. i would highly recommend double checking your entry as my thermostat is on the fritz and i cannot guarantee the level of baked-ness.

    one thing i found interesting so far is

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      1. i've pinned this post to the top of the page for now (i'll unpin it after the deadline), but any sidebar work is beyond me.

    1. some summary statistics:

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      I will leave the path analysis as an exercise for GH and The Nation Has Problems 🙂

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    Wolves win in 7.

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