169 thoughts on “Game 24: Dani California”

  1. Weaver is pitching for the LAAAAAAAAs. I predict at least 2 Twins' wins tonight!

  2. Gees. Doumit looks lost behind the plate. I think that dude's best days are behind him.

  3. Crazy game in Atlanta. Phillies led 6-0, then the Braves took an 8-6 lead, then the Phillies led 12-8 and now the Braves have just taken a 13-12 lead. Still one inning left.

    1. Carlos Ruiz has 7 rbi in that game, also Carlos Beltran for the Cardinals has 7rbi. crazy

      1. Ruiz is trying to get me out of the cellar in WGOM ball.

  4. Oh, look. The other team scored first. This seems familiar somehow. Are they seriously going to pitch to ii?

  5. I might be losing my mind because I was in the sun all day, but I swear I just heard Robbie Inc just say 'Twinned Cities'

  6. After that happy talk on Morneau's injury by Dick and Roy, I have to tell you that I heard an orthopedic surgeon on KSTP talking about it tonight and he said that Morneau's not going to be ready and he should be placed on the DL.

    Stunning, I know.

  7. Hardest hit ball he's seen this year? Have you closed your eyes during every home run the Twins gave up?

  8. Is it so much to ask that the other team doesn't score every @#%@ing inning?

  9. Has anybody noticed that Hendriks looks kinda like Kubel? He pitches kinda like Kubel, too.

  10. Remember that time the Twins weren't losing by 3 runs to the Angels in the early innings? Ya, me neither.

    1. They always say "If you're gonna be a good Twins fan, you have to have a short memory."

  11. And once again the Twins give up at least three runs. Not a bad total, but you would think that you would be able to keep a team down for one game just once in a month.

      1. I'm talking about a month's time, not a calendar month. The season is essentially a month old and the Twins have yet to hold a team to less than three runs.

  12. Ooh, Trader Klete is playing? Over/under on strikeouts for Weaver tonight is at 15.

  13. I've learned to stop expecting big things from Clete. In fact, I've learned to stop expecting things. Period. From him.

  14. Clete is putting up one hell of a stat line. If the Twins had a real bench, I'd say they should just DFA him after that at-bat.

  15. Sheesh, that stupid picture comparison on Pujols again? Do we get to see it before every plate appearance?

    1. I was just about to type the same thing. Pujols is obviously not hitting well, so please use more than two still pictures to illustrate why.

      Another f'ing run for the Angels. At some point even a bad team doesn't play as dreadfully as the Twins have been, right?

    2. Next week the topic will be "Albert Pujols would have been a Hall of Famer had he retired before the season. Is he still one now!?!?!!!!!?"

  16. Don't think the ump has anything to do with the score, but that 3-0 count should have been 1-2 to Morales.

  17. No Roy, you don't always have to throw a pitch over the plate that allows hitters to put the ball in play. That's one of the big problems.

  18. "This is what happens when you fall behind in the count."

    Also this is what happens when you're not a very good pitcher and throw meat over the heart of the plate.

    24 games into the year, and I'm already turning the game off in frustration 3 innings in. Bad sign.

  19. Why don't we just promote all of our AAA pitchers and demote all of our major league pitchers. They couldn't do worse.

    1. I haven't looked at the AAA roster, who would be the first starter called up?

      Hendricks probably isn't long for the MLB roster.

          1. I don't think you're allowed to use that letter when referring to our pitchers. They pitch to contact.

  20. I just noticed Gameday lists Howie Kendrick as "Howard". Is that because of the mustache?

  21. Standing in the way of a line drive is the first good use of a Twins pitcher all season.

  22. The NBA playoffs are really helping me to maintain my positivity about the 2012 Twins.

          1. Hard candy is for the basketball players and basketball player's friends.

  23. I'm no expert, but unless Liriano is pitching you do need hits to score runs, right?

  24. The worst part about getting no hit would be people misguidedly believing that hitting is the problem for this team. It is a problem, sure, but not the problem.

    1. The problem of course being the fact that the Twins one decent starter got injured before the start of the season.

  25. A fitting end to this game is Weaver doesn't allow another batter to reach so the only thing keeping him from a perfect game is a passed ball on a strikeout. Has that ever happened?

  26. I posted something half an hour ago from my phone - or so I thought, as I don't see it here. What I said was that I had not seen the score or looked at the box score yet, but based on the comments on this thread I was not optimistic.

    Well, now I am home and looking at the box score and it's even worse than I had dreaded. At least last year I could blame injuries for the suckitude.

  27. LOL at Clete running towards first on that pop up into the third base stands. Dude just wants to make contact so badly.

      1. Going with the no hitter in progress strike zone moving forward.

    1. Go read the love story I wrote about you on the other site. It will make you feel better.

    2. Hey, we're only on our fifth pitcher! We've got a couple more that we could use yet tonight!

  28. I am going to try some rally sleep. Hopefully this helps the Twins get some hits. Or at least one. One would be fine.

  29. It's sad when predicting an 8-run inning still leaves us with a deficit.

  30. Roy, a pitch out of the strike zone that the batter lays off of is not a good pitch.

  31. Looks like the zone is big enough to drive a truck through at this point.

  32. I don't care if Morneau's wrist is broken, have him pinch hit for Casilla to end this humiliation...

  33. Bleh, at least the Twins won't get no-hit tomorrow.

    Also Casilla hit that as long as he can hit a ball.

      1. That's the first step to hitting rock bottom. Hopefully, there's some pitching down there.

  34. I was more upset about last night's offensive performance. I'd rather be no-hit by Jered Weaver than three-hit by Jerome Williams.

    1. When you think about it, neither of those things are as bad as getting 15-hit by Hendriks et al. and getting 123ed by Capps. The Twins are the real winners here.

  35. BTW, we have yet to score since Carroll was moved from the second spot in the order.

      1. Better than being the worst starting catcher in the history of the game.

  36. The Twins only have so many hits to give. They're saving them up for when it will do them some actual good. They're investing in their future. They're just in a down cycle now, but just wait until three weeks from now. This team will be loaded for bear!!

    1. I'm starting to think 6-156.
      I wonder if evil socal (you can tell because he's got a goatee) is with me?

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