May 22, 2012: The Good News

The good news for today is that, a quarter of the way into the season, the Yankees and Red Sox are both playing .500 ball and are at the bottom of their division.

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  1. Here's a game Papa Joe Chevalier used to play. Maybe you'll find it fun. Fill in the blank: A quarter of the baseball season is over and I know ________________________.

    1. that I'm not going to be willing to put up a fight when my wife wants to do something else when the game is on.

    2. ...that I'd still rather follow a losing Twins team than a winning Vikings team.

  2. I love discrimination lawsuits.

    "I do not feel an employer has the right to impose their religious beliefs on me when I'm working in a business that's not a synagogue, but sells things with hearts on the female genitals and boy shorts for women that say hot in the buttocks area," she said.

    and I have staff members who complain when I ask them to, you know, do their jobs.

  3. Imagine for a second that you are a national columnist for a major sports publication and your specialty is following the NBA. The NBA playoffs are in full swing and it's been all kinds of awesome, with seemingly a million things going on. What should you write about? I know, how about interviewing the former Knicks head coach to discuss that whole scene.

        1. I've only been there when it was about 105 degrees, which severly limits any awesome things a man could check out. Stupid riverwalk.

            1. To be fair, I think its more like I hate that our group only went on the riverwalk when we were there.

                1. I may have had a similar situation (ok, Mad Dog isn't bad in a dirty old man sort of way.) if we had done anything else. But two nights both spent down there made me feel like a boring tourist.

                  1. That makes perfect sense. I go to great lengths to look like I belong where I am. I don't take excessive amounts of pictures and if I'm in a large group of wide-eyed tourists, I break off when possible.

                    1. this might be an aside, but i don't get the reason for posing for pictures in front of everything. it might just be that i hate having my picture taken, but i've never understood the practice.

                    2. I'm with you. I don't see the need to prove I've been somewhere. Maybe that's not why they're done, but unless it's an artful shot in some way, I don't get the practice either.

                2. I also enjoyed the Riverwalk. I was only there for one night and one afternoon, but I got to see the Alamo, too.

                  1. As did I. I thought I was sort of beyond awe, but even surrounded by the most touristy of tourists, it was a great experience. I went downstairs and saw Pee-Wee's bicycle and everything.

                    1. They told me there wasn't a basement.
                      F---ing liars! The whole reason I went was to see Pee-Wee's bike.

                  2. i was only in town for one night, so it was pretty much spent at the riverwalk, and some periphery bars. i think i might have mentioned it before, but the alamo is rather unassuming. i was poking around the riverwalk and thought, hmm what's up this set of stairs? and then i was apparently at the alamo.

                    1. That is exactly how I encountered the Alamo as well. Downtown San Anton features some pretty awesome architecture, a number of excellent watering holes, and a brewstillery. There are several excellent museums, and a pretty good theater scene as well. Yeah, I kind of balls san antonio.

                    2. Me three. My wife knew we were about to enter it, but I guess I assumed it would be in the middle of nowhere. I was stunned that it was right there in the thick of everything for some reason.

                    3. It's so cheesy, too. Marc Maron's interview at the Alamo pretty well sums up the experience by capturing the crazy preaching outside and over zealous secuirty inside.

        2. Was joak - I think the Conference Finals will be more compelling than I've seen in quite awhile. I'm just riffing on the fact that New York would be the article rather than the excellent small-market teams who are still playing.

        3. Agreed. I lived there for a year and there are many fun things to do there - not to mention the short drive to Austin. Or Luckenbach. Much more interesting places than Dallas or Houston.

      1. Assumption: he's at second base. I don't see any foul lines, but the base is covered up.

        Not April 13, he reached second on a walk. Not April 14, reached second on a sacrifice by (heh) Ortiz. Could be April 15; he reached second in the bottom of the first on a ground ball double. He also reached second in bottom of the fourth, but on a walk, and in the bottom of the fifth and seventh, he passes second on his way to third on a double after hitting a single.

      1. Can't be April 20 or 21, he only reached base on a home run both games. On April 22, he reached second on a double, but it was to deep RF, so unlikely there was a play at second.

      2. It also looks like a day game, though it could be the very early innings of a night game. It's certainly not the late innings of a night game.

        1. The sun appears to be positioned on the right field side of the park. The way that Comiskey is oriented (a line pointing from home plate to dead center is pointing about ESE), that makes me think that the sun is in the Western sky. I suppose anything after noon is in the Western sky. Not much shadow on the infielder, though, so I'm thinking day game.

      3. I'm leaning towards July 5th double (3PM start) so far. Man, he started off the game with Triple + Double + HR and couldn't get that elusive Single the last two ABs. Dang.

        1. Well, April 22 double (also 3PM start) isn't bad either. While two runs scored on the double in the above game (and therefore the throw probably went to home), this was a bases empty double. Looks like they wore the throwbacks on Sundays, so this game looks even better.

    1. Wow, he doesn't much look like that anymore. He's pretty well bald and doesn't wear the facial hair.

  4. I do like it when Gleeman makes these comparisons:

    [Marquis] posted an 8.47 ERA and allowed 33 runs in 34 innings with more walks than strikeouts and nine homers, as opponents hit .371/.434/.629. To put that in some context, consider Albert Pujols is a career .325/.417/.609 hitter, so Marquis basically turned every batter he faced into a souped-up version of this era's best hitter.

    1. was that before or after he gave links to all previous articles he wrote about how stupid the Twins organization is?

  5. Player A - .360/.429/.480 .909 OPS 154 OPS+ 0.00 ERA
    Player B - .272/.322/.419 .741 OPS 122 OPS+ 1.75 ERA

    Numbers are for the players' third MLB seasons.

    Spoiler SelectShow
      1. Spoiler SelectShow
          1. Spoiler SelectShow
  6. Stephen Strasburg has fatigue and soreness in his right arm, but won't miss a start. Why in the world not? They've already said their going to limit his innings this year. If he's not right, for whatever reason, why not let him rest a little? At worst, you're trading a start in May for a start in August or September. At best, you may be preventing a serious injury. I don't get the thinking here at all.

    1. I hope I'm wrong, but I get the feeling that Strasburg's career may end up like the recently retired Kerry Woods' - not to mention Liriano's. Guys who are amazing a young age and their bodies can't hold up to that type of throwing.

      1. the recently-retired Kerry Woods who had a 14-year MLB career and generated 21.2+ rWAR in his first 6 seasons with the Cubbies? I think Washington would accept that.

        1. Sure, maybe Washington would accept that, but why would Strasburg accept that? Wood may have had a 14-year career, but he was effectively only a starting pitcher for seven seasons. Wood's last real season starting was at age 28. Roger Clemens had a 16-year MLB career as a starting pitcher from age 29 to age 44--that is, 16 years after his first 8 years. Burning out Strasburg in his 20s is not an efficient use of resources.

          1. sure. I was just reacting to klawitter's comment. Woods had himself a nice career. Not a career for the ages, as we all(?) hoped or thought at the beginning. But a nice one.

            1. If only there were another Cubs pitcher who could be used as a cautionary tale.

                1. Prior notice? Mark my words: I don't know what you mean. Drafted documents all day. Have not had time to think of anything else. Should probably ease up and spend a little time thinking about this, but I can't let up, because I'm going home tomorrow. Minnesota, how I miss you.

        2. Certainly. Woods had a very good career. But he was not one of the greatest pitchers of all time, which was his early trajectory. Of course, that's an insanely high bar. The bottom line being that pitchers who throw the living fire out of the ball AND are durable seem to be the exception.

    2. Sorry--I used "their" when I should've used "they're". I know better, I just type too fast sometimes and don't proofread very well.

      1. I'm sure it was the Home run trot that fatigued him. I was at that game; great day for baseball.

    1. That reminds me of a far side cartoon about the only part of the buffalo the indians didn't use.

        1. Would you be upset if we placed bets? We'll need photos to help us make our decision.

          (I've already decided I'm betting the lone "survivor" later dies from injuries, though)

          1. I would only be upset if I didn't get a piece of the action!

            All 4 are facebook friends so this could be arranged.

          2. I used to have a calcutta website that I used for a poker tournament that my online poker community had. It had spots for side bets, etc. Maybe it's time to go find that code and bring it back. (note: that ain't happenin'. It's gone forever.)

  7. Hey there, I'm not going to be able to watch the game tonight, and won't be able to provide a recap as a result. Not that I have been good with this in the first place...

    Anyway, is there someone who can pinch hit for me tonight? I'd appreciate it.

  8. I was just offered a job if I'm willing to move to Los Angeles. The job In question is at one of the most prestigious printshops in the US, and could essentially be a life long career. I'm at a loss. On the one hand it's right there for the taking, but on the other hand I'm really tired of living apart from my better half. I haven't even had the chance to tell dr. chop yet, but I'm almost certain she'll encourage me to see where this opportunity is going. Craziest experience I've ever had.

      1. Wow is right. Good luck with that decision.

        On the bright side, Kobe might go on a murder spree soon, so you wouldn't have to watch him as your "home" hoops team.

    1. some deity or another just seems to loving throwing you curveballs. best of luck making your decision (i've got nuthin' for you).

    2. I wish I had some advice to offer, but I don't. Good luck to you and Dr. Chop in making what has to be a very tough decision.

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