108 thoughts on “2012 Game Logs: Game 55 Minnesota @ Kansas City”

  1. *FTLT, I don't see anything on wordpress.org. I think it's an option under the SHARE link.**

    ** I think only editors and above have the permission to use all the HTML it uses though.

    1. Thanks for looking into it. I figure if it interests anyone enough they can click the link anyway.

  2. I'm having this weird feeling that I'm actually starting to like Capps. H may not be shut down, but he's pitched pretty decent and does seem to be a pretty decent feller.

      1. This is true. Still would have liked to have let him go and gotten the supplemental pick, though.

  3. I'm confused. The Twins won last night and Gray pitched. Why didn't he get the win?

    1. He was a team player and got the score to where Capps could pick up a save- that's worth almost as much as a win, right?

  4. I have a feeling that it might be better to not pay much attention to Liriano pitching tonight.

    1. Though that inning was a a pretty good wiggle- down 3-0 to the second batter after walking the leadoff batter on 5 pitches, and getting out of the inning with his pitch count at 13. Three outs in five pitches. More of that, please!

    1. My wife kept telling me she had never seen that movie, so I brought it in from the Netlfix. As we were watching it, she was all like, "hey, I have seen this." I was all, "how can you not remember seeing this?" It makes no damn sense.

      1. Yeah, it's one of those ones where, even if you hate it, you will definitely remember it.

  5. What's the word tonight regarding the Human Pez Dispenser and Philo's pigeon? I thought I'd ask before resorting to consulting goat entrails.

  6. I have a great feeling about this game. I think we are all going to have a lot of fun, share some laughs, and maybe even learn some things in the process. It's going to be a fantastic night!

  7. Dear everyone -

    The pigeon finally keeled over around 3 a.m. last night. I managed to pry the action figure from its throat with a needle-nose pliers, but as I did so a large spray of blood shot from the newly-vacated neck cavity. The spray hit the wall in an odd pattern. Honestly, it looked like the blood was spelling out the name "delmon", only a letter was missing. That's par for the course around here, right? Spelling "Delmon" without a letter? Like maybe the 'l'?

    Anywho, when I woke up this morning somehow the blood was all gone. Plus, I've been eating like a horse today but still somehow dropped 15 pounds, the wife apparently took the kids early this morning before I got up, and they're still not home so I've got the apartment to myself (score!) and I hear there's some rare celestial event happening. Guess my stars are really aligned, and everything's looking up!

  8. For a guy who is supposed to bring "speed" and "baserunning" to the table, that's twice now that he's been thrown out trying to steal.

    1. If he isn't good at running, does that make him Dozie_? Although he seems to make an awful lot of silly errors. _ozie_?

      1. "Dozie" because he falls asleep on the basepaths. But I kind of like "ozie". Makes me think of Ozzie Canseco.

  9. I am going to the grocery store to buy an irresponsible amount of trail mix and maybe some popsicles. When I get back, the Twins will DEFINITELY be in the lead.

  10. So what is going on here? Gameday has been stuck on pitch 1 to Butler for like, 75 minutes.

      1. On the other hand, he IS married to Rebecca Romijn. That's somewhere up there with Marko Jaric marrying Adriana Lima. I don't think Butters is up to the competition.

  11. There's a joke in here somewhere:

    The most prominent disabled character on television, Glee's Artie, is played by the able-bodied actor Kevin McHale.

  12. I am surprised there have only been 2 Twins pitchers to K 4 in an inning (Baker-obviously keeping the ball down in the zone that inning, Liriano

  13. Liriano destroyed MLB's web presence. Both gameday and MLB.tv are down for me.

    1. I am okay with those two being down if it means Liriano is back to being awesome.

  14. Whatever happened to Liriano, I hope it sticks. I know it's just the A's and now Royals, but he's striking out a bunch and walking few once again.

  15. Gameday Audio took 15 minutes to get going - somebody at MLB had to kick the Linux.

  16. Selig must've cured the network problems because MLB.tv is back in action.

  17. Dazzle: Provus will be on next to take you the rest of the way.
    Me: Dazzle will be leaving the building to beat the stadium rush.

  18. One of these days coomdog is going to say inseminated instead of disseminated.

    1. I think he is going to ask Dick if "he has ever disseminated?"

  19. Dick: "I have no yet on this road trip been able to figure out . . ."
    Me: "What Coomer is talking about?"
    Dick: "the official scoring."

  20. That second strike on Morneau was about as bad of a swing as I have ever seen from him.

      1. Welp, at the risk of crossing into the forbidden zone, it hasn't been a great night. Back to the Game of Thrones season finale.

          1. Indeed, that was a damn fine way to end this season.

            Please don't die, Mr. Martin.

            1. Think you can save it until the 18th to talk about? Hopefully at least until the 7th as I haven't seen it yet.

            1. I was going to blame his bet, but I shouldn't be a dick and understand he's in that one for the long haul.

              Mauer is absolutely boo.

  21. Well, hey, Chen was really dealing. He was changing speeds, going up and down, in and out. He had all his pitches working. Sometimes all you can do is tip your cap. We'll just have to settle for 128-34!

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