2012 Game 63: Milwaukee Brewers at Minnesota Twins

Yovani Gallardo
Francisco Liriano

Time to start another series winning streak. The Royals just swept the Brewers, so surely the Twins can take at least two out of three, right? The Pirates are next and although they have a winning record, B-R's SRS system rates them a -0.5, so there's another winnable series. Just burst the bubble that needs to be burst before something drastic happens, like the Pirates making it to the postseason. Finally, uh, let me check the master schedule I have saved to keep the sidebar updated... Right, Cincinnati is next and they're actually kind of good. That's okay, just take things one game at a time and work your way up to a bit of a challenge. Because then it's the White Sox next and it's always fun to beat them.

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    1. Sorry dude, I'm here, but my daugher insists I not be much involved in the log. Anyway, had a NG Black Top and now I'm pounding Rhinelander shorties.

  1. It's raining up a storm here. I didn't get to hardly get familiar with my dad's bike. The chain broke about 1/4 mile from where I started off. In its defense, it's the original chain and Dad bought the bike in HS. Got the chain replaced at the local bike shop, just in time for it to open up.

  2. it seems like Doumit has been struggling lately, but coming into this game he has 12 hits in 43 ABs (.279/.289/.419/.707 slash line)

  3. These FSN bumpers are causing them to miss pitches. Just what we need is a broadcast like the Cubs that oogles girls instead of showing the game.

  4. I think PMac stumbled onto a WGOM Community Project:

    Phil Mackey ‏@PMac21
    Would love to listen in on Joe Mauer's conversation with Carlos Gomez at first base right now...

      1. Sehr gut. Ich weisse auch ein bisschen Deutsch. Aber moechte ich andere Sprache zu lernen.

        Pretty sure I screwed up that end. I took it for four years in high school because that's all they had other than Spanish. The three word types are the hardest to remember, but the word order and grammar are pretty easy.

        1. Ditto exactly, except three years since I slacked off freshman year. Unfortunately, with few chances (and too little motivation) to read or speak German, it all atrophied.

        2. I'm hoping to learn something with a bit more use than Gaelic and Czech, not that I know much of either of those. I generally enjoy learning languages, so I'm hoping to get a more useful language in there.

          1. German and old English are pretty similar. Learning old English would probably be more interesting.

        3. Just a couple college courses.

          I spoke a bit with one of the workers in Germany at EPCOT and she told me my pronunciation was excellent. I had to ask her to translate what she said when she told me that, though.

  5. if one is using Twitter at a baseball game, wouldnt you wait until there is a break in the action, or the half inning is over to tweet?

    1. That's even worse than Dazzle saying Willingham was the first out last inning. Good thing the announcers pay attention.

    1. I dont know. But why buy a ticket to the game and not watch it while you are tweeting when you can watch the game at home and tweet.

      1. All these homers are getting pulled though. The organization should really crack down on that.

    1. Pop quiz: how many pitchers had thrown more than one no-no? I just looked it up on the off chance that Frankie joins the club; the number was higher than I expected.

          1. Four:

            Warren Spahn (1960 and 1961)
            Sandy Koufax (1962 and 1963, 1963 and 1964, 1964 and 1965)
            Steve Busby (1973 and 1974)
            Nolan Ryan (1973 and 1974, 1974 and 1975, 1990 and 1991)

  6. My head is about to explode from the inanity of these tweets.

    I better tweet that. #MNTwins #FSNorth

  7. Interesting, ESPN Gameday just flashed that Aoki, in his career against Liriano, is 17 for 18 with 19 homers and 1a strikeouts. I'm impressed.

  8. 'I am finally ready to admit that Trevor Plouffe excites me.'

    That's strange, I've been Plouffe-curious for some time now.

      1. I am not a superstitious man, but this is like the fourth time I've mentioned a no-hitter and had the pitcher immediately and completely implode.

        1. Sorry man, but I'm going to have to disable your account when Twins pitchers are getting somewhat close. It's for the good of the team.

        2. I said this about Blakburn, but you saying something then Liriano imploding seems more a function of a Liriano implosion being something that is a law of physics.

    1. I'd call for a censor to wipe all mention of Liriano dipping below 6, but Spooky is the censor.

  9. With 90-odd pitches through five, I was hoping he'd lose the no-hitter soon, but in a less bloody fashion.

  10. I may have to take credit for that one. I clocked in just as Maysonet walked - came upstairs for a breather from a viewing of Alvin & The Chipmonks: Chipwrecked with the nephews...musta brought the humor with me.

  11. Plouffe now has 13 hits in the homestand. Seven of those are home runs and three are doubles.

    1. We could add him to the list of first round draftees whose minor league careers were disappointing but who blossomed on the Twins. See Span, Denard. Hope that Hicks does the same.

  12. Dick and Roy trying to find The Reason Liriano lost it. Maybe... he just got tired? Bad inning? Shit happens.

    1. Last I checked, this qualifies as a quality start. Also, Ryan Braun is very, very good at baseball.

  13. I guess I'd like it if twayn would call out all the non-performing members of the twins organization.

    1. Mauer has 6 hits and 3 walks in the last 4 games.

      he should give back some of his money. slacker.

    1. That strikeout wouldn't irritate me so much except for it means Plouffe will be batting next inning with the bases empty- again.

      1. It wouldn't bother me so much either except I can no longer remember a time when he didn't strike out.

  14. At the game Free, Can, Algonad and I attended almost two months ago, Plouffe! made the second-to-last out at the top of the wall. He would have been the winning run. I thought I was going to have to go through with whatever I said, might have been buying a Plouffe Jersey with a ! at the end of his name. We had actually worked it out that Plouffe would likely come to the plate in the 9th with a chance to either win or tie the game. Free had made the call at that time, with a few innings left that Plouffe would hit the walk-off. Was so close to happening. Just a few feet more...

    IIRC, he had another long fly that teased us earlier in the game, too. Possible that it went just foul or something like that.

      1. Spoiler SelectShow

        PS - Whenever I read your posts, I hear them in your avatar's voice, which makes them even wittier.

        1. I do this at times with Homerdome, Greekhouse, Algonad, Dread Pirate Will, and punman.
          I do this all the time with SBG.
          I hope that people read my posts in the voice of six synched Chuck Jameses.

          I was also scared of DK back when his avatar was the bald meanie (from Lost, I think).

  15. For what it's worth, I still hate Ploufffe. And I'm going to keep on hating him so long as my hate seems to correspond to his hitting homers out of spite.

  16. Doesn't Gardy understand that Matt Capps is a closer? The situation you use a pitcher in matters! You can't just put a closer in during a situation like that. Relief pitchers have roles, that are completely rigid, and cannot be interchanged regardless of the situation. You don't just put your best reliever in because it's the most critical moment of the game if that moment comes in the 7th. You save them until you have a 3-run or less lead in the 9th. Really, this is all about Gardy not realizing that Matt Capps' role is as a closer, not a tie-game-in-the-9th-er.

    1. You said what I said, only mine was censored due to the pre-teens in the room. Sometimes, I hate watching baseball with little kids.

  17. Well, it was a good game, and we were in it all the way. Can't win them all. We'll just have to settle for 124-38!

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