WGOM Fitness: September 14, 2012, Treading Water

I am now at day 3 of my 8 day trip to ND and I'm beginning to settle in here. I didn't sleep very well last night and I might be coming down with a cold. I am going to do some exercise on this trip. I have continued to adhere to my diet, but the scale isn't showing much progress. Then again, I don't trust my parents' scale very much. Oh well, I have to continue to march on. I know this is the heavy scale, but my pound lost per day is right at .50, pretty much the lowest it has been since I started. Then again, I'll take 3.5 pounds a week, if I can maintain that.

Day 52
Weight: 259
Total Weight Loss: 25.5

2 thoughts on “WGOM Fitness: September 14, 2012, Treading Water”

  1. Friday day off (good because of work schlepp to Boston).

    Saturday long run (11M). Getting into the routine of getting up and eating 2 hrs pre-run. No bagels in the house, so pre-run snack is corn-tacos with peanut butter. Works.

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