37 thoughts on “October 7, 2012: Playoff Lover”

      1. A Scanner Darkly and Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said were both very good.

        I've heard good things about The Man in the High Castle, but haven't read it myself.

    1. okay, the league is set up. invitations should have been sent out to everyone from last year. there were 9 teams last year, but i would probably set up a max of 12. anyone else want to join the league details are:

      URL: http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/handandballguys
      league ID: 47455
      password: wgom.org

      if anyone has problems signing up, let me know.

      also, the draft is currently set for sunday, 28 october 2012 at 9pm CDT. if anyone wants to change this time, sooner is better.

      oh yeah, there was no overwhelming request for keepers, which is a-OK with me.

  1. After three successive kits of Surly Furious (which all turned out great BTW), I decided to get something different.

    I just ordered the 115th Dream Hopbursted Imperial IPA from Northern Brewer. From their catalog: An Imperial IPA with a pound of hops; a sip can yield a waking dream; a full glass, a more somnolent state.

    1. Last night my wife mentioned that she was interested in some Blue Moon, so I went to the local store for a "make your own" sixer with two blue moons. (Because a sixer is definitely four too many.) I got some randoms but then saw that there was a Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12 pack. Oatmeal Stout (which at 9% is a bit too much, almost like an imperial Stout), Imperial Red Ale (which from the description sounded like my very-fond-of Big Eddy Imperial IPA from Leinie's, but disappoints because that's what I'm expecting), and Imperial Pilsner (yet untried), and a "Floral IPA" (untried). So far, it feels like 0-2, but I'm not really disappointed in the product, just in not being what I expected. I've got two bottles of each of those to enjoy later as they are.

      One of my randoms was a "Shock Top End of the World Midnight Dark Wheat We're All Gonna Die". With Chocolate Malts and Chili and it was very lame. I'd never had a Shock Top before, and I probably never will again. Sometimes I grab likely crap for my randoms just because I need confirmation.

      1. I paid the price in gambling on random beer last night as well. I purchased a badger Poachers Choice on a whim. To say that this beer is bad is an understatement. I'll be sticking to the tried and true from now on.

        1. Again, that's why I get them in the "Make Your Own Six-Pack" options that have been popular in MN Stores lately.
          I'd rather spend $10 on two lame beers and four interesting if ultimately unsatisfying beers than gamble now and then with $7-$8 and end up with six beers of the exact same kind that I don;t like. At least with "Make Your Owns", I can be excited to try a new type of ultimately disappointing beer with each bottle.

          1. I did a New Glarus mixed 6 pack when I drove through WI on Friday. That was at a gas station. Wisconsin has its perks.

  2. Rockies' Jim Tracy resigns. No truth to the rumor that Cuddyer is lobbying to become player/manager/team magician.

    1. Speaking of managers, Now that Francona is employed, I'm even less interested in the Twins dropping Gardy.

      1. I'm right there with you. He's on the short list of guys I would've considered a potential improvement over Gardenhire.

    1. I think all of MN was/is expecting a repeat title and anything less is a disappointment. With the talent this team has, and barring injuries and ill-timed pregnancies, they should challenge the Shock for the consecutive titles record.

    2. Rejoices!! If I could swing it, my daughter's first live, professional sports experience would be a Lynx game. Only problem is game times are ~20 before her bedtime and, even with all of the excitement, I'm not sure she would last much beyond the 1st quarter.

      1. My daughter's first pro sports experience was a Monarchs game. Lots of fun, but ear-splittingly loud. She was done by mid-way through the third quarter.

        the volume levels are my biggest experiential complaint about pro sports, and the NBA/WNBA is probably the worst offender, thanks to being indoors in a relatively small arena. Turn it the eff down!

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