Sports night catch all post

another doubleheader sports night in Minnesota

NBA: Portland @ Minnesota 7pm FSN+

If you missed it Saturday, here is Ricky Rubio doing Ricky Rubio things. Saturday was probably the best game the Wolves have played all year. They got out to a huge 1st quarter lead, extended it to over 30 points at times, and cruised to a win.

NHL: Minnesota @ Phoenix 8pm FSN

The Wild made a trade today
The Wild press release describes Rupp this way

Rupp, 33, has totaled 94 points (53-41=94) and 765 penalty minutes (PIM) in 565 NHL games during parts of 10 seasons with New Jersey, Phoenix, Columbus, Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers.

ok then.

lets hope for 2 victories from out favorite winter sports squads!

25 thoughts on “Sports night catch all post”

  1. I have a really difficult time believing that I am older than Pekovic. Are we sure he is only 27? That just doesn't seem right.

  2. I'm waiting for Chris Johnson to get to play. I don't understand why Steimsma or Amundson get minutes in front of him, though it does seem to be a RA trait to not play young guys much.

  3. Wild 4th line whiffs on the open net opportunity (the goalie was behind the net for some reason), FSN guy says the line is having a great shift getting scoring chances *slap forehead*

    now its a Coyotes goal. awesome

  4. lets hope for 2 victories from out favorite winter sports squads!

    with predictions like that I can be an analyst on ESPN

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