WGOM Fitness: 6 March 2013, Noticing

Over the weekend the first person besides myself and my wife noticed I'd lost some weight.  It was my sister-in-law, and she sees us with probably just the right amount of frequency that she'd pick up on a little loss.  Still, it felt good.  I've also noticed my arms shaping up a little better.  Once upon a time I had really nice looking, large, muscular arms.  A long way to go, but heading in the right direction again.

I've struggled to find time to work out lately - it's really been 15 or 20 minutes max, for the past two weeks.  Still, I'm squeezing in something, where before I wouldn't have.  I've also been taking that opportunity to work on improving my speed, since normally I'd run the treadmill at the 10-minute mile pace.  Today I did a mile in better than 8:30.  I don't know that I could sustain that for much more than a mile, but it feels like a small accomplishment, given my usual plodding pace.  Again, a long way to go, but heading in the right direction.

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  1. I have my first pt appointment this afternoon. Since last friday, when I stopped wearing the sling during the day, I've been working on exercises recommended by my surgeon. I can now reach to the top of door frames by "climbing" up walls with my fingers. That's an improvement of about two feet from my first attempts. Last night, I was able to use regular floss (instead of those stupid flossers) again for the first time since my surgery.

    Small victories.

    Also, I've been walking about a mile and a half per day.

      1. See, no one pays attention to me, despite my best efforts to cultivate sympathy. I hate you all.

        1. First a Pepper, now a brianS - what a good couple of weeks for new recruits. Welcome to the home of half-bakef crap! How long have you been lurking?

          /whispers over his shoulder, "Who's this guy?"/

  2. 2.5 miles in about 24 minutes. Way better than the mile runs I've been getting lately. I picked up the pace (between 9:30/m and 8:30/m during mile #2, but that completely destroyed me for the last half mile. Still, more distance and time running feels good. Soon enough I'll be up for a 5K.

    1. If you schedule a 5k, I'll join you! I'm only about an hour from Mankato and need to do a couple 5k's to keep me interested in running.

  3. 8 mi run along Ramblas in Montivideo. Very hot, but relatively flat. Cool architecture along the way helps eat up miles.

  4. ND Class B Boys Basketball Tourney this weekend. This is the premier HS sporting event in the state. I don't really care about at all anymore, but it used to be a must watch. When I was in college, it was in Fargo and two nights in a row, I was right at the window when tickets sold out. I managed to sneak in both nights :). My roommate's hometown was in the tournament and suffice it to say, we had guests and no one slept much.

    Anyhow, first round yesterday: all four games were within four points. Onto the semi-finals is the town closest to SBGville that has a school (and is not co-oping with SBGville). Go Bison! (Not the NDSU variety, but the HS closest to SBGville.)

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