2013 Game 2: Twins hosting Tigers

Game time: 310 Central
Temp: Cold

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Its pretty silly that was not a Twins game last night. Well make that yesterday anyway. The way the MLB season starts is irritating when you are ready for the whole schedule to start as soon as possible. Anyway, the staggered start is over and the Twins play at home against the Verlanders. Luckily, Justin already had his turn in the rotation. Unluckily, we start Kevin Correia. So it goes. I assume it'll be another cold one at Target Field. So get your warm beverage of choice ready.

Go Twins!




  1. Hicks, CF
  2. Mauer, C
  3. Willingham, LF
  4. Morneau, 1B
  5. Doumit, DH
  6. Plouffe, 3B
  7. Parmelee, RF
  8. Dozier, 2B
  9. Florimon, SS


  1. Jackson, A, CF
  2. Hunter, To, RF
  3. Cabrera, M, 3B
  4. Fielder, 1B
  5. Martinez, V, DH
  6. Dirks, LF
  7. Peralta, Jh, SS
  8. Avila, C
  9. Infante, 2B

143 thoughts on “2013 Game 2: Twins hosting Tigers”

  1. I assume it’ll be another cold one at Target Field.
    Sunny and 45 degrees! Heat wave that will hold through the weekend.

  2. If you're not listening to the game, you can also listen to the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album streaming right now at Vice's Noisey blog. It's excellent, A+++ 10/10 would listen again.

    Also, hey guys, what's going on? Any Twins fans here?

  3. The stands in Gameday seem a bit fuller than previously. I appreciate the effort, but they're three years too late.

      1. Dick: Kevin Slowey goes for the Marlins, which goes to show you that every team needs pitching.

        Bert: We have an autographed baseball from Slowey in the booth, and we'll give it to whoever wants it.

        Dick: Slowey...did not have a good tenure with the Twins.

        ...then more BS about how they're aching to give away the autographed baseball.

      2. Someone mentioned that Slowey was starting for the Marlins tonight. (I wasn't listening too closely, so I didn't notice which brought it up).

        Dick: I have an autographed Kevin Slowey baseball here in the booth. I'll give it to anyone who wants it.
        Bert: His time in Minnesota had some troubles. Especially with his departure.
        Dick: He was difficult. Here's the baseball. (Cue to shot of him in the booth holding a baseball in a case.) If anybody comes into our booth or just asks, you can have it. It's a Kevin Slowey baseball. Please just ask for it.

        This abridged version doesn't really capture the tone and the things clearly left unsaid during the conversation.

          1. I think we need to get ahold of it somehow and make it the WGOM's Official Autographed Baseball.

              1. Whatever happened to the WGOM Twitter account? Maybe it can contact Real Dick Bremer.

                    1. Offer to take the Slowey baseball off his hands, so he doesn't have to be reminded of him any longer. I think short and sweet should work.

            1. did anyone get a screen grab of the ball? could use that to make a new banner.

            1. I like the idea of Twitter for breaking trade/FA news. I do not like it for people's thoughts/opinions.

                1. That's the problem, though. I can't tell if its funny or a pre-emotive against anyone saying he was wrong.

    1. How many times do you see it? The guy who strikes out looking to end the previous half inning comes up with a good defensive play 5 batters later.

  4. Oh, dang -- MLB streaming TV allows you to select the radio audio! Is that new? Before I would have had to mute the TV and stream the audio in Gameday

    1. MLB streaming allows you to select Park. It's like watching a game without being verbally assaulted.

  5. It's going to be so great having the TV crew fellate Torii EIGHTEEN TIMES A YEAR.

    1. He's "obviously already made a difference for the Tigers this year."

      For instance, they might still be batting in the fifth if he wasn't running the bases.

      1. Right, because what did they do last year without him? *Checks*

        Oh yeah, they won the pennant.

    2. If I had an autographed baseball of Bert n' Dick I might chuck it at the first person that seemed even halfway interested.

  6. it slipped my mind with Jared Burton being on the team. I dont think he pitched any of the ST games that were on tv.

  7. Good start to the inning- I wonder if Gardy will use Carroll as a pinch-hitter today?

      1. True, it should be SacFly (with one RBI) and E-8 with an unearned run. The best part is "the Tigers lost the game because they don't have a closer11!!!1!"

        1. If it wasn't the Tigers, and if they weren't in our division, I'd be rooting for this little experiment of theirs to succeed.

          1. Not sure that putting in Benoit vs lefties and Coke vs righties is really closer by committee.

          2. I want it to fail for the express purpose of creating trade demand for Perkins and/or any reliever the Twins can tie a pretty bow around.

        2. This is why I hate errors. If the center fielder is Prince Fielder, it's not an error because he never gets there.

          1. Thinking about this more today - if a fielder pulls off a play they had no business making, we don't give the batter credit for the hit anyway. The same idea, just applied in a different form. I'm pretty much entirely opposed to errors now. This was a quick development.

            1. Best argument I've ever heard against errors. Or at least how the batter is credited with an out.

            2. JoePos made a smiliar argument about earned runs at one point. He argued that if a OFer scales the wall to steal a HR, we don't give the pitcher a run anyway because his defense bailed him out.

  8. RUN OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWINS WINNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. So, the Twins should always play in the cold. Neutralizes that pitching disparity.

    1. Perk just used the hashtag "#provenwinner" on Twitter. I wonder if he's a lurker here at the World's Greatest.

  10. On 4/6/2010 beat the Angels in the second game of the season to get to .500. They were above .500 until the last game of the season, 10/3/2010. They are .500 again now, for the first time in 913 days. Let's savor it while it lasts.

  11. Now we need access.

    1. Slowey gave up one run in 5 1/3 innings on, you guessed it, a home run. What you probably didn't guess was that it was a solo homer by Gio Gonzalez, the opposing pitcher. Slowey gets the loss because the Marlins still haven't scored this year.

      1. Slowey gave up one run in 5 1/3 innings on, you guessed it, a home run. What you probably didn’t guess was that it was a solo homer by Gio Gonzalez, the opposing pitcher. Slowey gets the loss because the Marlins still haven’t scored this year.

        Steroids!!!! (I kid.)

  12. With players like Kevin "Cy" Correia and Eduardo "Mr. Clutch" Escobar, how can you possibly think we'll lose another game this year? Besides, we have "Big Mo" on our side now! We're on track for 161-1!

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