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Game 62: Twins at Tigers

Tonight the Twins start the final leg of their long road trip with the first of 3 in Detroit. A year ago we probably would have looked at that series in Cleveland and thought it showed promise - they had a chance to win all three games! This year... it feels like a let down. Hopefully they can turn things around against the Tigers (well, hopefully they turned it around last night with the win...).

Pineda has been called up from the IL, and hopefully he's able to quickly find his stuff again, because the Twins are facing Matthew Boyd, who has some pretty impressive numbers. Of course, he gets beat when he gives up the long ball, and the Twins... they hit those. So maybe you'll want to add multiple names to your HR guess list tonight.

In other news, Philosofette's surgery went well, and she's home and on the mend, though that'll be a long process. Hopefully the Twins can help keep her spirits up!

Game 37 (and 38!): Tigers @ Twins – Let’s Play (Another) Two!

At the risk of extreme repetition...

This team is FUN.

Great pitching, great hitting... Byron Buxton not completely sucking. It's been a delight.

You know what would be even more delightful? Another doubleheader sweep.

Pineda and Stewart haven't exactly been aces, but if you're going to toss them out there, you may as well do it against the Tigers.

Game 156 — Tigers at Twins

Last home stand of the Twins’ season and the weather forecast looks cloudy, gray and cold the entire week. What a perfect metaphor for the Twin’s 2018 season. Twins versus Tigers one last series with Kohl Steward the primary pitcher (Opener hasn’t been named as I write this). Spencer Turnball, who didn’t have the greatest first start last week, on for the Tigers. (I didn’t check if he had a good curveball, which would be cool given his last name).

Game at 7:10p. It may be playing out the string but it’s still better than football.

Last game log of the season for me. Thanks for reading!

Game 151 — Twins at Tigers

Twelve games left. Then we can concentrate on what promises to be some pretty cool playoff match-ups. But until that time we still have some Twins Baseball left. Twins-Tigers in the second game of their second to last season series with the Tigers as they lock up second place in the AL Central, with a magic number of 4.

Jake Odorizzi on the mound for the Twins coming off his nearly ho-hit appearance against the Yankees. Daniel Norris hurling for the Tigers, looking for his first win of the season.

Oh and Miguel Sano is back in the line-up, playing Third Base and batting 7th

Game at 6:10p, let's go Twins and get that much closer to locking second place!

Game 44: Old Gardys versus New Gardys

Game two in the showdown series between the Twins and Tigers as both teams battle for second place in the AL Central. Twins took game 1 and look to solidify their second place standing. Lance Lynn on the mound for the Twins and the less said about him the better. Matthew Boyd on for the Tigers and he's been decent with a 1.06 WHIP, winning record, etc.

Twins only have a 7 man bullpen so let's hope the batters can give Lynn a nice cushion so that he can turn it over to the bullpen by the 5th inning and win this game in memory of Phil Hughes.

Game time 7:10p at Target Field.

Game 161: Tigers @ twins

We're almost there. For the first time in seven years, there WILL be October baseball that means something.

I'm hoping that this isn't my last game log for the year. It will be really nice if I need to half bake something for a game against the Spiders next Saturday.

Even if I don't get that opportunity, though, this year has been a success that I don't think any of us saw coming. There will be plenty of time to speculate about the best course moving forward, but for now, the best course of action is to drink another beer and watch the Twins beat up on a team that is decidedly tensing in the opposite direction.

Tonight, Slegermania takes hold again. I hope he's able to pitch however far into the game as the plan dictates. Also, some dude named Sanó gets to hopefully play his way into the Tuesday lineup.

If this it, then I've half-baked my last game log for the year. Go Twins!