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2022 Game Log 43 – Tigers at Twins

The Twins keep rolling as they lay waste to the dregs of the AL Central. Good on them, beating the bad teams leads to Division titles my grandpappy used to say. More importantly, this Twins teams is fun! They win in dramatic fashion, they are fundamentally sound, they have great characters. Byron Buxton over the weekend and Max Kepler last night both mentioned how much better the locker room is this year compared to last -- which most are taking as a jab at Donaldson (and probably Simmons). I wasn't in the locker room this year or last so I'll take their word for it.

Beau Briske for the Tigers and he has a stat line you would expect for a team playing at a .333 level. His last outing included 6 runs in 5.1 innings so not great. Sonny Gray for the Twins and he's been a good veteran presence for this team. After a slow start, he's really pitched well lately, although lots of run support (14 and 12 runs his last two games) will do wonders for your performance.

Game time at 6:40. Looks like a nice night for baseball.

Twins Lineup
CF - Buxton
2B - Arraez
SS - Correa
DH - Sanchez
RF - Kepler
LF - Celestino
3B - Urshela
1B - Miranda
C - Jeffers

2021 Game Log 157 – Tigers at Twins

Last game log of the 2021 season and looking back at my logs, I've been pretty grumpy. In my defense this team has been a huge disappointment and very frustrating to follow. A team that everyone thought had World Series aspirations that ends up losing around 90 games will do that to a guy. Also, they just weren't a fun team to follow. Blowout losses, late inning blow ups, injuries to key players, bad strategy, team faves being traded, newcomers who not only didn't perform well, but were lousy and not fun. The fact that I couldn't even have them on as background due to Bally Sports North shenanigans just rubbed salt in the wound. Also, I never bought into the the "since their horrible April and May, the Twins have done ok." No they haven't. They were supposed to win over 90 games not hover around .500. Last place in the Central 20 games under .500 cannot be seen in any positive light.

Ugh, I got that off my chest. Tigers come into town and they've been a little better than predicted and could be building something in Detroit. Twins haven't announced a pitcher as of 5:00p. It should be a glorious night for baseball so the ballpark is still cool. Byron Buxton is a blast to watch. You might get to see Miggy one last time. There are good reasons to head to the ballpark if you'd like.

First pitch 6:40p

2021 Game Log 102 – Tigers at Twins

I knew the Twins had stumbled out of the All Star break but I was shocked when I looked at the standings today. 15 games under .500, 3.5 games behind the Tigers! I think I've blocked out how bad it's gotten.

Maeda on the mound for the Twins, let's hope he's well rested after scoring the winning last night. Someone called Tyler Alexander for the Tigers and he looks about as mediocre as a Tigers starter would be as expected to be.

It's stinky hot and muggy tonight so not very pleasant at the ballpark if out in the sun. Let's play ball!

Twins Line-up
2B - Polanco
LF - Rooker
3B - Donaldson
C - Garver
RF - Kepler
DH - Sano
1B - Astudillo
CF - Celestino
SS - Simmons

Game 92 – Twins at Tigers

That last game 82 didn't really go like the previous 6 or 7.  Time to move on to game 92 today with J.A. Happ taking on Wily Peralta.

Jorge Polanco in July - .269/.304/.462

He's doing the whole "no walks, but more power" thing that he does sometimes, this right after drawing 6 walks and having two extra base hits in the last 10 games in June.

Max Kepler in July - .297/.350/.703

Any split that has Kepler hitting almost .300 is pretty remarkable. This is including his 0 for 5 yesterday.