37 thoughts on “May 25, 2013: I’m Ignoring You”

    1. That's a pretty close call. Maybe one or two frames of difference.
      Sox won anyways.

    2. Here's a worse call:

      No one even mentions that the throw pulled the first baseman off the base as well. Runner was safe twice.

  1. From ESPN Stats & Info:

    Yesterday wais the 3rd time in his career that Joe Mauer has broken up a no-hitter in 9th inning.

    1. It's not surprising that if the Twins are going to go 1-28 (or so) in a game, that Mauer would be the one to get the hit. It is surprising that he's got that hit in the ninth inning three times- I wonder how many times he's had the only hit for the Twins and it wasn't in the ninth?

    1. Sounds like something i would have tried at that age, but my teachers were not so forgiving

  2. Joe Benson claimed off waivers by the Rangers. He's only 1 1/4 seasons removed from being the Twins minor league player of the year.

    1. Actually, it was 2010 when he was player of the year, but he hit just as well in 2011 before struggling and getting hurt in 2012.

    2. La Velle with some more information about it. Two things stick out to me:

      "He wants to do well. He's been successful for a long time in the minors. They figured out a weakness in Triple-A and they have exploited it and he has to make the adjustment."

      While yes, it's the player that has to figure out things, isn't it the job of the organization to assist in that? I bet the Twins would say they did try and it's on the player.

      Two things to keep in mind with this move. 1. Benson was going to be a six-year minor league free agent after the season and, the way he was playing, the Twins weren't going to bring him back. Two, Benson almost slipped through waivers, as the Rangers were 28th in the pecking order. That shows what teams think of him right now.

      1. The thing is, we have no idea how hard the Twins worked with him. It's possible they could/should have done more, but it's also possible that they did their best and Benson either wouldn't or couldn't make the necessary adjustments. We have no way to know.

      2. this makes me sad. I was so hopeful that Joe Benson would turn into a 5-tool star for the Twins.

        Maybe he will end up adding to the list of Twins-drafted-and-developed players who end up on an All-Star ballot (Twins are tied for 2nd most with, I think, 13, on this year's ballot).

  3. Wow. Either Torii was in right center or pretty lazy in getting to that throw away.

  4. Text convo from earlier tonight:

    FTLT: This is a game changer.

    I literally ran across the store and said quite loudly to mc "THEY HAVE OYSTER STOUT!" when I spied it on the shelf.

    1. This is a sign. I'm not sure what the meaning of the sign is, but I know that it's a sign.

    1. I saw that as it happened at work. When the feed cut back to a player reaching home plate, I thought, "Was the guy on second really THAT slow? Jeez." Then I saw it was Pagan and my jaw dropped.

      1. They don't call it Triples Alley for nothing. When a ball goes out there and is fielded correctly, a fast runner is still going to get a triple. Once it bounced past him, he had a shot. But, yeah, I was surprised at how little time it seemed to take.

      2. I thought the third base coach was going to score, too -- he was 80% down the line as Pagan was reaching home

        I seem to remember seeing Pagan in a list of the 10 fastest ballplayers; I can see why

        1. Pagan is a centerfielder, so he can't be too slow. I am most amused that it was Cuddyer in right.

            1. The Repository begs to differ:

              Thomas was a premier center fielder, with a wide range and strong arm

              1. his RF was below average for CFers. for what that is worth. Probably worth more than some random editor's opinion at the Repository.

                for his career, 50 SB and 49 CS. 13 triples for his career. Those are indirect measures of speed.

                negative Rbaser, Rfield and Rdp for his career and in his most productive seasons strongly suggest he was a below-average runner, which makes him way below average for a CFer, I think (are those adjusted for position?)

                1. plus, my recollections suggest that he was rather Cuddyer-ish in terms of outfield nimbleness. Robin Yount was way better defensively.

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