66 thoughts on “2013 Game 59: Twins at Nationals”

  1. Busy day...

    Gardy sends out his A team:

  2. Zimmermann has a career 7.1 K/9 and just 5.4 this year. Naturally he has six strikeouts in three innings.

    1. Somebody at work was telling me that play is now illegal in college and most high school leagues.

        1. That's basically what I said. Apparently it's "unsportsmanlike" or something.

        2. Also, this information came from the same person who told me that the Baltimore Marathon is one of the flattest in the country...so this may not be reliable.

  3. Speaking of running over the catcher...that was sort of like running over the catcher.

  4. Every time a Twins pitcher strikes out a batter, the Twins donate $1,000 to cancer research. I appreciate the gesture, but could they have picked something that will accumulate a tangible amount?

  5. Chris Parmelee may not be the fastest player, but man he plays pretty good defense.

    1. Just score all the runs on infield singles and errors.

      Whoops, Desmond/Diamond screwed that up.

  6. Highlights of Lombardozzi Sr. as a Twin, highlighting their similar looks and abilities. I doubt very much I've seen Lombardozzi Sr. highlights since he was a player.

  7. Dustin Morse ‏@Twins_morsecode
    #MNTwins prospect Miguel Sano (@SanoMiguel) had 2 HR for the @MiracleBaseball today & has 16 on the season (hitting .330).

    can he play the nightcap in Washington?

  8. pitcher batting, no Mauer, no Willingham...well its no wonder the Twins have 0 runs

    plus Zimmerrrmann is a pretty darned good pitcher

    1. I think it's possible I haven't caught any Twins runs in that span. They only score when I'm away from the screen or can't see the game at all.

        1. In the seven games prior to today, the Twins are batting .257/.342/.402 which is better than their season numbers for all three slash stats. League average is .256/.321/.411.

  9. They only stranded two runners in scoring position! Progress.

    I so hate it when the MSM focuses on a handful of games with a bunch of runners stranded. These things are cyclical and it happens to everyone. Focusing on the negative of stranding runners instead of the positive of having a bunch of base runners does no one any good. I fear that players start focusing on it and then start having bad at-bats to exacerbate the problem, which wasn't really a problem but just some bad timing of hits.

  10. I missed the game today. Sounds like the Twins did, too. Oh, well, no worries. We'll just have to settle for 130-32!

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