Game 80: Dang, I missed the halfway point by one game.

Hughes (3-7, 4.82 ERA) vs. Lake Deduno (4-2, 3.32 ERA)

Ugh, I'm not sure if the demoralizing defeats were worse back when the Yankees actually had a scary lineup, or if its worse watching Gardy trot out what I assume (without being able to see) is a Jared Burton with a lingering health issue followed by a Deunsing who can't get righties <em>or</em> lefties out night after night. I think the latter is worse when taking into account the number of pitchers on the roster.

On the bright side, the Yankees and Twins are similarly behind the leaders in their division, so we got that going for us.

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    1. Morny is in the picture because he's never been able to touch Rivera in a game?

  1. Willingham with a torn medial meniscus and a bone bruise.

    no wonder why he had a cortizone shot a couple weeks ago.

  2. Twins apparently decided that a giant ad on the batter's eye is less distracting than trees.

    1. its a 3D ad.
      FSN uses that during hockey games, they place the ad on the glass behind the net. its looks ugly.

      1. I was wondering if it was digital. Seems like a weird place to put it since there aren't many shots looking that way.

  3. This run would have been so much more satisfying if Florimon had grounded out to 2nd.

  4. I hope Morneau puts one in the seats so we can get Florimon off the hook for popping up.

    1. No dice. He'll have to redeem himself by grounding out to second next time up.

    1. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed to see someone batting against the Twins strike out.

  5. Fitting for Deduno to lose the perfect game on a walk and lose the no-hitter on a ground ball, I suppose.

      1. Deadspin gives this list of people who have thrown two "consecutive" no-hitters

        Addie Joss, Johnny Vander Meer, Allie Reynolds, Warren Spahn, and Nolan Ryan (twice)

        and now Homer Bailey

    1. Those three runs would have been much more satisfying to the Yanks if they had been scored over three innings and had been the result of two bunts, a couple of ground outs, and a few sac flies.

  6. OFFS. I step away for a few minutes and this shit gets all out of hand. I guess these ARE our daddies' Yankees. At least as far as the Twins are concerned.

  7. the 'Twins cant beat the Yankees' thing is just bizarre now. This 2013 team was what, 3 players left (Mauer, Morneau, Perkins, ....) from the Twins heyday.
    You would think the Twins would luck into 3 or 4 wins, but it just doesnt happen.

  8. just think, the Twins charge a premium price on the ticket for this series.

  9. The Twins have the best bullpen in the league and the worst starters who have pitched the fewest innings. I think the latter is about to sink the former.

    1. I've been predicting that for a while.
      Fien and Burton both have 60 appearances this season.
      As the Twins saw with Guerrier, Neshek, Rincon, Reyes, etc., that sort of awesomeness is hard to hold (without steroids).

      Spoiler SelectShow
  10. Reliever brought in to issue Mauer a 5-pitch walk.
    Sets up Mo Rivera for the one-out four-run save.
    Cheaply done, Girardi. You're like a poor man's Scioscia.

    1. The Rivera save reminds me of this game. It was the SABR game when the convention was in Toronto. When Torre brought in Rivera, an entire section of fans (the SABR crowd) was chortling and mocking the decision and the save. Good times.

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