Swept Up by Sochi

Like Streams, I've been a little to intense in my appetite for curling this year. But I guess it's like getting ready for hibernation – you know you've got to get fat on this while you can, because it's another four long years until the next Olympics. So here's to moderation in everything, including moderation. There will be time to catch up on sleep between now and the end of spring training, right?

Men's Round Robin Session 7 (Thursday, 11pm CST)
  • Sweden vs. China
  • USA vs. Germany
  • Canada vs. Norway
Men's Round Robin Session 8 (Friday, 9am CST)
  • Russia vs. US
  • UK vs. Denmark
  • Norway vs. China
  • Switzerland vs. Germany
Women's Round Robin Session 7 (Friday, 4am CST)
  • USA vs. Denmark
  • Russia vs. Switzerland
  • Korea vs. China
  • UK vs. Japan
Women's Round Robin Session 8 (Friday, 11pm CST)
  • Sweden vs. China
  • Canada vs. Japan
  • UK vs. Korea

113 thoughts on “Swept Up by Sochi”

      1. China has beat up the weakest teams in the tournament thus far - Denmark (2-3), Germany (0-4), Switzerland (1-4), and the US (1-3). Sweden’s faced some decent competition - Canada (3-2), the UK (4-1), Norway (3-1), and a couple mediocre ones (Denmark, Switzerland).

  1. Well, if you take my advice, you can watch all the Canadian curling you can stomach on YouTube when the Olympics aren't happening, so no need for hibernation!

    1. My stupid NBC stream has no audio whatsoever. Not just no announcers, but no audio at all. Switching to Sweden vs China only yields "Coverage Will Begin Momentarily." I can't believe I'm paying money to access this crap.

    1. Chinese skip Liu looks a bit like my Malaysian co-worker.
      Wow, these guys are a lot better than Ott or Brown.
      Just one end, but I've been impressed.

  2. And the NBC app/streams have shit the bed entirely. Now I'm getting "Coverage Will Begin Momentarily" for Norway vs Canada, and Sweden vs. China has disappeared from the options for viewing. But hey! I can watch the US vs Germany, though, if I want to watch two mediocre teams flail at one another.

    Eff you, NBC.

  3. I know I'm the king of conclusions from Small Sample Size watching curling this time, but China, man.

    Against the US Women, they'd score 8 in a single end, and might find a way to score 9.

  4. I'm not sure who the announcer is for US vs Germany, but he sure sounds like he's from Saskatchewan.

  5. US can't let that call rattle them. Issacson throwing one clear through the house with the Germans lying three is just terrible.

  6. Ok, I'm getting really pissed off by the production idiot who keeps cutting off this announcer in the middle of really interesting finer points of the game in order to cram commercials in to the coverage.

  7. Russia three ahead of the Swiss in the final end. Looks like they're just going to keep taking out each rock until the Swiss have too few to tie.

    1. I know I'm like 12 years old, but the US skip says they're just having a hard time generating a deuce.

  8. The US has got to tighten up here against a very beatable Russian team. That three point end was nice, but it almost seems like they got it by getting bailed out and this sixth end could be going better (though the back-end stones are still left to go).

  9. Going much better for the US now. Made a nice steal in the seventhand Shuster had a excellent double in the eight to force a blank end (even got a fist pump). 6-5 US in the ninth with RUS having the hammer.

    1. I assume he was trying to get around the high guard and move the Russian stone in the four foot some, he just had a wide broom. Its possible he felt crashing on the yellow stone was ok, since it does both open a lane up and puts the (difficult) raise on the left side into play.

        1. Yeah, I thought he was trying to get it behind because if he was trying to clear the guard, there would've been a better shot.

          Speaking of, gonna need a good shot here.

  10. I don't like the call by Russia to try to freeze. It over curled so now Shuster has a shot for the win. They really should have guarded the other side of the center line.

  11. The CBC wasn't working for me tonight, so I'm trying the BBC.
    CHI-SWE for now. Wang can draw to the T-line like nobody's business. (Or maybe watching Brown has lowered my expectations.)

  12. Wang steals one when the Swedes can't draw to the button.
    But unlike Brown she didn't go all the way through the house, just the blue circle.

    Is it not fitting that Erika's last name is Brown? Cheering for US Curling feels like cheering for a Cleveland team. Or like being on Charlie's baseball team.

  13. I love when the Chinese team shouts English.
    [Chinese Chinese Chinese] Hard! Hard!!! HARD!!! [Chinese Chinese] HURRRY!!!

  14. Caught the end of the 5th of CHN-SWE. Sweden stole a point when Wang would have needed a takeout. So she's not superwoman.

    Now I'm gonna watch some JPN-CAN, where Japan has a lead.

    1. I'm watching that match on the tablet and GBR-KOR match on the TV. It's kind of obnoxious when Korea and China are throwing at the same time, and they're currently synced right on top of each other.

  15. Two left to throw, China's sitting three with six rocks within the blue ring. If Sweden isn't great here and Wang does super, I could see five points for the Chinese.

    1. Heavy takeout throw with the last from the Swedes breaks up the logjam. Wang would need a super takeout for four, I think she could get three with a takeout. Two would almost be harder.

      They got two as my feed disappeared.

  16. I wish the NBC legal feed would have a scoreboard for the other games so I know when to flip.
    Although GBR-KOR seems like a good place to stop.

  17. I think the announcer for the NBC legal for for CAN-JPN is a Canadian Scot. He has a weird accent.

    1. That's the guy I was talking about last night! He definitely is a Canadian Scot – one of my favorite faculty in my department is a Canadian Scot with an accent that sounds very similar. I wonder if they're both from Saskatchewan.

      I love that accent.

      1. Hmmm.
        All I know is that of all the announcers Ive come across on the online feed, he is my favorite. He actually gives a bit of strategy and insight, which helps me.

        1. I feel exactly the same. The English announcers are annoying because all they have to say is the obvious, and their delivery is really choppy, which doesn't strike me as appropriate for curling.

  18. Heckuva draw by Muirhead, but she couldn't get around that Korean stone. Going to be a tight 10th.

  19. I started falling asleep in my desk chair around the 7th ends.
    So I went to bed. Looks like everything ended how I expected, only more exciting.
    Next time, they should put the Winter Olympics in a different time zone.

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