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Swept Up by Sochi

Like Streams, I've been a little to intense in my appetite for curling this year. But I guess it's like getting ready for hibernation – you know you've got to get fat on this while you can, because it's another four long years until the next Olympics. So here's to moderation in everything, including moderation. There will be time to catch up on sleep between now and the end of spring training, right? Continue reading Swept Up by Sochi

Stone Free

Your log for Men's & Women's Round Robin Sessions 5-6.

Men's Round Robin Session 5 (Wednesday, 9am CST)
  • UK 4, Switzerland 2
  • China 11, Germany 7
  • Denmark 8, Sweden 5
  • Canada 7, Russia 4
Men's Round Robin Session 6 (Thursday, 4am CST)
  • Canada vs. Denmark
  • Russia vs. Switzerland
  • US vs. UK
  • Sweden vs. Norway
Women's Round Robin Session 3 (Wednesday, 11pm CST)
  • Switzerland vs. Sweden
  • Canada vs. Denmark
  • UK vs. China
  • Japan 8, Denmark 3
Women's Round Robin Session 4 (Thursday, 9am CST)
  • Switzerland vs. Canada
  • Sweden vs. Denmark
  • US vs. Japan
  • Russia vs. Korea