57 thoughts on “February 22, 2014: Restless Kids”

  1. There will be no "This Week in Twins Transactions" this week because there were no Twins transactions. This Week In Ex-Twins will be coming up later this morning.

      1. That would be too satisfying for a Minnesota sports fan. The world will end with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter of a sure Vikings victory.

        1. I can see it now. I'm in my family room (or some dude who's married to Miss SBG or her son or grandson or somewhere further down the family tree) and I yell, come here, honey, the Vikings are going to win the Super Bowl and I want you to see it.

          Not knowing of course that the sun had exploded five minutes earlier and was about to fry the entire planet.

    1. Its funny, the History Channel pumped out about 50 programs dealing with the end time because of the Mayan calendar, but not one program about this.

  2. Ireland-England in the 6 Nations right now. Only decent matchup of the weekend. France got shithoused by Wales yesterday, and Scotland-Italy was predictably awful this morning.

  3. Apologies for language about the early BPL game today, but ...

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      1. I didn't even want to acknowledge that. I'm pretty sure Torres or Ramirez just fell down again just out of habit.

    1. Looks like Fulham had an actual lead for awhile, then let it slip. Today is only the 2nd time in 7 games they've gotten even a point. The other was the 2-2 at Old Trafford.

  4. Talk about burying the lede. If you can wade through that whole thing, you'll find the lede right there in the last line.

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  5. Also, this from LENIII in an online chat.

    I would like to see Mauer try third base. He's agile, has great hands and a strong arm.
    by La Velle E. Neal III February 18 at 12:10 PM

    The Star-Tribune, gearing up for another year of excellence in baseball coverage.

    1. In the final month of 2012, he compared Trout and Cabrera for MVP and concluded Trout deserved it despite Cabrera probably winning the Triple Crown. When the results are announced, he says he voted for Cabrera because Triple Crown.

  6. I had the Lumberjack from the Blue Door for lunch. Sooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooood.

  7. Huh. Turned down more money to pitch in Milwaukee.

  8. My wild Saturday night is sitting at home watching my roommate's dog while she's at her cousin's bachelorette party. But I don't need to be going out, because I'm going curling in the morning.

      1. I'm only not doing laundry because the dog flips out every time someone goes in or out. I'm gonna do laundry tomorrow while my roommate is home so the dog is a little more chill. Olive (the dog) is barely a year old, so she's still skittish, but she's a lot calmer with the RM around.

  9. I'm in a keeper league that is looking for 1 more player. It's an annual $50 buy-in, with first three spots paying out (1 more player = 12 teams). It's a head-to-head league, and a quality group of guys. Just in case anyone is looking for something on the more serious side. We're only keeping 4 players per team this year, and last year was my first year in the league, and I still managed 3rd place, so you're not too far behind (and a number of the teams are less prospect savvy than most WGOMers).

  10. Kevin Love needs one assist for a triple double.
    Although that is burying the lede because Love has another 30+/10+ game

    1. He'd have another 40/15 game if he played the last 8+ minutes of the fourth quarter, but it doesn't look like there's any reason to do that.

      At least he got his triple-double before Adelman pulled him, this time.

      1. Yeah, he killed his chances for a 50 point game by scoring 22 (!) in the 3rd.
        What a ball hog :p

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