2014 Game 8: A’s at Twins

Hey, 3-4 isn't so bad. Playing like that couldn't have us finishing much worse than third in this division, right? Lest I get too optimistic, let's look at the pitchers: young journeyman Jesse Chavez takes on Phil Hughes. Hmm, that could be worse. Chavez does strike some guys out (205 in 241 career innings) but is otherwise unremarkable enough, on either the good or bad side, to mention. As far as his numbers go, he's actually similar in results to Hughes in many ways.

The Twins have one new guy in the lineup as Chris Herrmann mans right field.

This is yet another one I'll see from work, though it's early enough that I'll probably see a good amount of it. Never fear, Twins fans...we finally get a night game on Friday.

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  1. The Twinns have onne nnew guy inn the linneup as Chris Herrmann manns rright field.


  2. Pinto with three starts, two at catcher, in eight games. Based on current usage, odd team games except for the first, he'll start tomorrow. I would prefer if he got more than 80 starts though.

        1. I know the guy who wrote the software. I wouldn't be surprised if it wrapped around to negative numbers.

        2. Rain predicted for Friday. If there are no outs at that point, the game will have to be called.

  3. That swinging strike by Callaspo was only the second swinging strike in Hughes' 33 pitches. Uck.

  4. The Twinns have onne nnew guy inn the linneup as Chris Herrmann manns rright field
    FTFY. Back to work though.

      1. Sorry for stepping on your toes.
        In my defense, I didn't read anything except the header.

  5. You've probably heard this one. Mom is late for her kid's ball game. She sees him standing in right field and calls out, "What's the score?" Her son says with a smile, "We're behind 15-0." Mom says, "You don't seem very upset about it." And her son says, "Why should we be upset? We haven't come to bat yet."

    I'm not sure why that story came to mind right now. ..

  6. Joe's gonna have to get ejected sometime. These umps have been screwing him over and know that he won't get in their faces about it.

    1. You know, if the ump isn't going to call a pitch in that spot a strike, maybe stop throwing it there?

      1. Nevermind- if the ump isn't going to call that fourth pitch a strike, Hughes is hosed.

  7. Okay, I see now. We just had the second inning in the first inning. No problem. Now we'll get serious. Eight-run inning coming up!!!!

  8. Its good to see that the Twins are in danger of overworking their #6pen this early in the season.

  9. Glad Hughes got it going some. It may or may not be too late, but at least we didn't have to go to the bullpen in the third or fourth inning.

      1. This ump is turning me into Hawk Harrelson. I hope this ump is getting graded by the robo-umps today.

        1. Heh, I also just noticed how similar in location pitches 4 were in my post compared to bhiggum's.

  10. Anytime you can run into a third out on the bases when down three runs you've got to do it.

  11. My sincere hope for Plouffe is a great first half so we can trade him, and burn the bridge while doing so.

  12. I'm not watching on TV or on Gameday, but hearing that 5 of the 8 Twins Ks have been looking sounds like we have an awesome ump back there today.

    1. Drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 42nd round of the 2002 amateur draft.

      Right-handed, but I'll take it, especially since he has a career ERA of 5.29 and a career rWAR of -2.3.

  13. Gameday shows strike one to Suzuki as being in the zone, but there's no way that was a strike.

    1. Punto's at the field and he must be contagious because that was an abomination.

      1. But then there would be no one to play SS . . . no wonder they needed Nunez!

      1. Wondering the same thing. My guess is Kubel went to get ready to tag and didn't make it home in time when it wasn't caught?

  14. Strategic rumble slide by Suzuki. Clearly safe. First good call home ump has made all day.

  15. I just noticed on Gameday that there's a Twitter "Moundball" contest for every game this season through MLB.com. As someone who has played Moundball in the past, that's pretty cool.

    1. I know they did moundball last year as well, and maybe even two years ago too.

  16. Two lefties due up and Duensing on the mound, better yank him for Perkins!*

    Perkins threw 21 pitches. Better get him out!

    This is why we need a thirteen-man #6pen

    *I realize that we always complain about not using a closer in a tie game, but that is more of a problem on the road (when a save opportunity might arise), and also, use your brain and don't be so rigid to see the lineup.

    1. Lefty due up to start the 11th and Perkins on the mound? Better yank him!

  17. Perkins had the best reaction to that. If you want to fight, you can fight my team, I'm just gonna go sit in the dugout.

    1. I think he was hurt last year, right? I believe I've thrown out the theory that injuries made his last two years look less than his track-record would indicate.

  18. Dang it, work made me miss all this fun. Hopefully I don't jinx them by paying attention again.

  19. I predicted long ago that Mauer would end the game with runners on base. Looks like I may have been right all along.

    1. Not sure this thread can handle that much prescience, so I think he gets a hit/walk here.

        1. Is that like when you're just figuring out how to use a bunson burner, but not actually putting it to use?

  20. The only thing funnier than Gardy churning through the #6pen while lamenting not having thirteen pitchers is Bob Melvin having thirteen pitchers yet using one for 40-plus pitches the day after an off-day with three other relievers still available. It's like he's trolling Gardy.

  21. Burton made a bad pitch, but he was put behind in the count by the ump. 1-1 pitch clearly a strike called a ball. Next pitch, 3-run HR.

    Twins pitched nine scoreless innings against A's and their team ERA still goes up.

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