World Cup Matchday 2 6/13/14

Today's matches:

11AM: Mexico v. Cameroon
2PM: Spain v. Netherlands
5PM: Chile v. Australia

I've been testing out various apps on my phone for WC tracking. So far, the best I've found is FotMob. It has the day's schedule on the opening screen, yesterday's scores and tomorrow's schedule are a quick swipe left or right, respectively, and you can set a favorite team for easy info. Anyone else using an app to keep track? We've come a long way since ridiculously complex Excel sheets to keep track of everything.

I have only three dog appointments today, and two of them are over before matches start. So of course the third will see me miss most of the best game of the day. Walk the dogs from 2-2:30, then 30 minutes ride home and I barely get to see Spain-Netherlands. Maybe I'll stay at my client's and watch it there. He's a big sports guy, he'd understand. Plus, hey, free play time for his puppy.

We'll start with this being the game log for just today, but if it doesn't get too full, tomorrow may go here as well. We'll play that by ear.

Also, as I do this on my phone, the featured image doesn't really work all that well, so anyone with access who wants to put up a new one should go ahead and do so. There are so many great pics out there, I'd be a shame to feature that soccer ball all the time.

38 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 2 6/13/14”

  1. Cameroon is starting to get into the swing of things now. Hopefully the opening goal is forthcoming for them.

  2. Two for one English bitters at the hotel bar tonight, so I've got two pints of Hobgoblin and the World Cup on the telly.

    And ugh are iPhones miserable to type on.

  3. Maybe there's an obvious answer, but one thing I've always wondered about soccer is why don't they go back after the match, look at the tape, and fine the shit out of all the dive-takers? Wouldn't that help, or am I way off?

    (this comment inspired by Mexico)

      1. There isn't an obvious reason to my knowledge. They do review things, but it seems like it's mostly intent-to-injure, yellow/red card type things.

        1. Is that not every casual soccer fan's biggest complaint though? All the diving and bad acting? I know it annoys the hell out of me. I guess I just don't understand how it's allowed to continue when it's so blatantly obvious thanks to current technology, especially if it could bring in fans that are on the bubble.

          1. I bring this up but then the "real" soccer fans come down on me and I go back to ignoring it.

  4. Cameroon seems fast enough to maybe hurt Mexico on some kind of break, but otherwise I feel like I'm just waiting for Mexico to figure out how to score in a way that satisfies the officials.

  5. Just got to Uncle Billy's, having a pint of their ESB on the patio. It's 91°, but in the shade with a slight breeze and a nice crisp beer, it's pretty much perfect right now.

    1. I'm torn. On the one hand, I like to root for the underdog when it's two teams I don't care about. But on the other hand, we have a plant in the Netherlands and, quite frankly, the Dutch are assholes.

      1. The Dutch are my third team (second this go round since Ireland didn't qualify).

        1. I suppose I shouldn't base my opinion on the behavior of a small group of engineers.

          1. I think that's good advice for any culture. My only experience with the Dutch was a rugby team, so of course I think they're tons of fun, but probably isn't a representative sample.

  6. Chile has to be loving this, right?

    First tiebreak is goal difference, so all they need to do is draw Spain and keep Holland close in a game that probably will mean nothing to the Dutch.

    I guess it could all come down to who beats up on Australia the most.

    1. I'm meeting up with a bunch of the guys from footy for the Australia match tonight. I feel bad for their eventual systematic dismantling at the hands of the Orajne.

  7. I feel so smart telling my co-workers that just because Spain won the World Cup 4 years ago doesn't mean they're still that good.
    And that the Netherlands would win this.

    (For all I can remember, I picked Spain in the Half-Baked Pool. Picks first!: then research.)

  8. Hey! Found Chile-Aussie on the grainy over-the-air Univision broadcast we get. I'll understand only slightly less of the commentary!
    I bet they carry most of the games, too. Who needs ESPN?

    1. The coverage of the 2006 WC on ESPN was so bad I watched most of the tournament on Univision because even with my very poor Spanish, it was better than the English feed

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