7 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 23”

  1. Wow, three of the top four in the pick-em game have Argentina winning 1-0, with Mags having NED over ARG 2-0. That third place game is going to be crucial as I expect everyone will have Germany winning the Cup.

    1. No, it'll come down to championship score predictions as I expect everyone will have Brazil forfeiting.
      What's the incentive for 3rd place? It's not like there's a medal or anything, is there?

    2. I'm such a sucker for the Dutch. They seem to screw me over every time I pick them. Though if they go through on this one I'll have the upper hand for sure.

      1. The Dutch are going to win and then lose to the Germans.

        Then, for the second World Cup in a row, in the round of 16, the US will have lost to the team that lost to the team that lost to the team that lost the final.

  2. Or will Brazil want to save a little face by trying to win. Could go either way. I say the leader after the 3rd place game will win our little competition. But yeah, I could definitely be wrong.

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