Half-Baked Hall: 1935 Results

So the new format of Half-Baked Hall was a success in that we had a robust discussion about all of the new players. We also had the lowest voter turnout yet. I'll blame the heat. If anybody else wants to volunteer for bios, let me know.

Babe Ruth

Arguably the best player of all-time managed to snag 100% of the vote. Good job voters.

George Sisler

Mauer's career is arguably already better than Sisler's due to positional adjustments, but man Sisler fell off a cliff. Still good enough to nab 83% of the vote, though.

Harry Heilmann

I asked Nibbish for a quote for Heilmann's plaque, as nobody has ever talked about him in the history of the WGOM. This is what he said. Harry got 78% of the vote. Now let's stop talking about him.

Remaining on the Ballot (19 Players)

Nearly everyone who carried over got a bump this time around, with Zack Wheat and Urban Shocker leading the way. Coveleski gets oh so close to election on his 3rd ballot. Scot's avatar starts out with 56%, so I think he has a chance.

The only guy to lose major ground was a catcher. Go figure.

Stan Coveleski (72%) +4
Dazzy Vance (72%)
Sam Rice (56%)
Zack Wheat (56%) +14
Urban Shocker (50%) +13
Red Faber (44%) +12
Hack Wilson (44%)
Burleigh Grimes (39%)
Joe Sewell (33%) +7
Max Carey (28%) +2
Eddie Cicotte (28%) -4
Heinie Groh (28%) +12
Eppa Rixey (28%) +7
Earl Combs (22%)
Edd Roush (22%) +6
Wally Schang (22%) -10
Rabbit Maranville (17%)
Lefty O'Doul (17%)
Herb Pennock (17%)

Falling Off The Ballot (11 players)

Bobby Wallace falls just short of election on his final ballot. Carl Mays, who somehow snuck onto a 2nd ballot, crashes and burns this time.

Senator Joe Judge completely whiffs.

Bobby Wallace (72%) +9
Sherry Magee (39%) +2
Sad Sam Jones (17%)
Max Bishop (11%)
George Grantham (6%)
Willie Kamm (6%)
Carl Mays (6%) -15
Riggs Stephenson (6%)
Joe Judge (0%)
Dolf Luque (0%)
Marty McManus (0%)





13 thoughts on “Half-Baked Hall: 1935 Results”

  1. My avatar is feeling snubbed.

    On the plus side, he is ahead of hbHOF'er Harry Heilmann in WGOM mentions.

    1. When I select some of these (Sam Crawford for example), the plaque images are "normal" sized. When I select others (Eddie Collins for example), the image is much smaller.

        1. is that my fault? I just download the files hj sends me and then drag and drop them to the image section. I suppose hj could just upload them himself. No need for me to be a middle man.

    1. It may be that I haven't looked at one recently, but I like the format of the Voter Record spreadsheet. Thanks DG.

    1. Fun Fact: he should be greatly discounted because of the Black Sox scandal. Not inelligible, but... c'mon, he's not Shoeless Joe.

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