95 thoughts on “Game 118: Twins @ Yankees”

  1. The other stadium was not the one Ruth built either, since it was totally renovated in the mid 70s.

  2. I don't think constantly falling behind the Yankee batters is going to be a very effective strategy.

    1. The way Dazzle is talking about it, it sounds like Suzuki was set up for Gibson to throw an 0-2 pitch belt high over the center of the plate.

      1. It was lower outside quadrant where Suzuki wanted it. Not as far off the page as I'd have liked, but I'm sure they just didn't want to nibble.

  3. It's not right to play with just three umpires. I think they'd better just call off the game.

    1. It looked quite bad. I can't tell where the ball hit, but there was blood dripping pretty heavily from the hand that was covering his face. Hope he's alright.

  4. I don't know whatever happened to the speed-up rules, but it feels like this game is being played at a snail's pace.

  5. If they overturn the call, can they claim Rodriguez tagged up on the catch and is safe at second?

  6. The way Hernandez took the headphones off, I'm assuming that the audio in his headphones was just a loop of audio saying "You are bad at your job, Angel Hernandez"

  7. I've got STL-SF on and the announce crew was talking about the hot dogs at Busch. They're TEN FREEKIN DOLLARS! Was that a typo or are the best fans in baseball also the wealthiest?


            sounds like a toilet flushing.

  8. That's the nice thing about games in the east coast time zone starting at 6, they're usually over by 9 pm or so. Oh, wait, never mind.

  9. Glad to hear that Mitchell isn't hurt too badly. It's "just" a small nasal fracture. It looked like it could've been a lot worse.

        1. To elaborate, since that seems harsh otherwise, that is literally the only movie scene that gives me a lingering chill that runs down the spine.

  10. This Yankee Stadium is not "that" Yankee Stadium. Babe Ruth did not play here. No one who debuted before 1990 played here.

    1. I mean, really. Does Dick expect these guys to melt into puddles because a bunch of the most famous ballplayers ever played many years ago one block south of where they're playing now?

  11. I was going to say it looks like Suzuki flied out to deep right, but the fence there is only like 320 feet, I think.

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