Game 149: twins @ mestball

Well, it's official. Our favored team needs to play better than .500 the rest of the way out to avoid 100 losses. I don't feel that it's particularly doable, but hope springs eternal and all that.

Today, the twins take on the mestball. Our only decent starter goes up against a rookie who had a 4.28 ERA in the minors. My hopes for this one are modest - Brian Dozier hits three home runs, and Mauer hits a walkoff grand slam to cap off Santana's 13k no hit shutout.


32 thoughts on “Game 149: twins @ mestball”

    1. I think mestball was a pretty short lived spinoff.

      I saw this one right after Joe Nathan's arm exploded (and when the Mets were paying Francisco Rodriguez $12M a year) , so it spun off while the iron was still hot.

    1. With 13 games left after today, they have room to top, er, bottom 1982. Assuming they continue their .371 pace for those final games, they will finish at 101.2 losses.

    1. Yeah, that strikeout sort of reminded me of the Magical Zoomball game where Deduno struck out Trout to end a big jam.

      Santana wasn't chewing on his necklace as he threw the pitch, though. Points off for that.

  1. Wimmers struck out three, all swinging and walked one. Clearly he can only go one inning and have to bring in the closer.

  2. Twins and Mets each used eight pitchers. The Mets at least have the excuse of their starter only going five innings.

  3. Will this be remembered by Mets fans as the Granderson game? Sandberg had a similar game with 2 dramatic homers late (both tied game or one tied it and the other won it, can't remember which) and it's referred to as the Sandberg Game.

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