63 thoughts on “October 4, 2016: Dance The Night Away”

  1. My MLB Playoff predictions if we want to do a contest.

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    2. Game starts at 7:00 tonight so get the predictions in by then. Spoons or joe can scrape later.





      World Series:

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        1. Your NLDS predictions are impossible. The Cubs and Giants are in one series so you skipped the Dodgers/Nationals.

          1. I wanted it to match my preseason prediction though!
            Pretty sure I originally had the Dodgers.
            I'll accept whichever way you feel is fair.

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      1. Double spoiler alert

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  2. Anyone here interested in the PlayStation VR? I plan to cancel an Amazon preorder but can transfer it at cost if someone here missed out on securing a launch unit.

    I tried a demo at Best Buy and it is cool, but I am going to wait to see what the software landscape looks like in 2017.

    1. I'm waiting until many of the various issues are solved, such as size of the gear, cost, and people figuring out how to actually build things for it.

      1. I'm lucky enough to have the space to accommodate all of the gear, but I've come to the same conclusion as you - not worth being an early adopter for this technology.

        Unrelated to VR...I finally hooked up a system with an RGB signal to my PVM (gen1 SNES, so no mods needed) and holy crap, that gives an amazing picture quality. The guy who modded my Genesis has gone MIA, getting frustrated about that.

    2. I had one preordered but cancelled it. I also want to see what post-launch support is like, and I'm thinking I'll be able to get one discounted a bit after the holidays. I mostly want it to play Superhypercube and Rez, so it's probably good to see if there's going to be more software.

      It doesn't help that the same week it releases Gears of War 4 (and Mafia III, and Dragon Quest Builders, and Paper Mario Color Splash) is out since that will likely take up my time.

  3. A friend of mine posts on FB that

    Cheering for Toronto tonight if only so there's another Blue Jays-Rangers series. Everyone remembers how actual punches were thrown this season.

    I am on board. More Bautista bat flips! More full-on brawls at 2nd Base!

    1. I feel like this applies to more than just the playoffs, but I'd root for Canada over Texas any day. (Major apologies to Willie Nelson.)

  4. I'm crossing another band off my bucket list tonight: Southern Culture on the Skids. Gonzo Rockabilly + Roots Rock + Surf + New Wave hits a pretty sweet spot.

      1. They have a new album out – a bit of late-Sixties psychedelica mixed in with their usual sound.

    1. Gonzo Rockabilly + Roots Rock + Surf + New Wave

      I'm ecstatic to learn that this is a thing. Will check it out over my lunch break.

      1. Some favorites: Liquored Up & Laquered Down, Camel Walk, House of Bamboo, Drunk and Lonesome (Again), Whole Lotta Things, Daddy was a Preacher But Mama was a Go-Go Girl, Too Much Pork for Just One Fork.

      1. First time I've seen that site. I usually use a combination of my ears & AllMusic when I have genre questions. SCotS guitar tracks are pretty heavily surf-inflected, and the bassist's style and her vocals remind me of the B-52s.

  5. AMR, a woman was following fairly close behind you, but fortunately she seemed oblivious to the handoff.

          1. I read through everything on the bus going home tonight, and I'm still completely in the dark.

            Hey, so did you see what I saw this morning? Was it a little bat?

  6. Looking to buy a tree that won't grow too tall and will keep its lower branches. Conifers need not apply.
    Needed as a privacy screen for a Treehouse. It's possible the power company's contractor may provide and plant.
    Any suggestions?

      1. Conifers need not apply.
        Plus, the local deer and rabbits seem to strip them clean under a certain level in winter, leaving just scraggly branch mess.

  7. I know it is only preseason, but holy crap, Warriors!

    Durant is a great addition, obviously. But ZaZa Pachulia? How did they afford him? Great pickup to make up for moving Bogut and Ezeli.

      1. they also picked up David West (veteran minimum, I presume) and Javale McGee, everyone's favorite idiot.

        I love the Pachulia and McGee pickups, and like the West one (I think he has enough left in the tank to be useful for ~10 minutes per night). McGee mostly for entertainment purposes, but the dude still has great athleticism.

    1. Yup, I remember Mike Napoli have a similar reaction when he was catching for LAAAAAAAAAAAAaA to a Manny playoff walkoff

      1. A quarter century later, I'll bet Greg Olson remembers what he called from Charlie Liebrandt and the sound that pitch made when it met Puckett's bat.

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