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  1. Does anyone have some great tips for managing work email? We just upgraded to the new Outlook and I want to kill it with fire.

    I use subfolders (organized by project) once I've dealt with a message, but my problem right now is that my inbox is turning into a Hydra.

    1. My strategy is to just filter all emails into my "Completed/No Response" folder. Keeps my inbox clean and my work load light!

          1. I used to do this. Now I delete things (when) I know I won't ever care about, such as product announcements or sales. For sales, I'll keep it in my inbox until I take advantage of the sale or when it passes. Then it's sent to the trash. Things that I think I'll need or have replies possibly pending (such as, uh, you) stay in the inbox. Once the thread/thing is done, I archive it.

            Edit: This is for my personal email. I keep pretty much everything but automated emails at work.

              1. My company auto-archives inboxes. I am very, very grateful for that because I regularly need old emails and I can still search for archived ones.

                1. state worker at an independent commission. I pretty much cannot delete anything other than personal or absolutely trivial emails. Because Public Records Act.

      1. Sounds similar to my method: I also have a true inbox (for active issues, unread emails, etc), and folder "keep" for everything that's done for now but which may require going back to. (I don't delete much... space is cheaper than my time to go back and decide what can be deleted.)
        I do not show new emails as "read" when read in the preview pane, as time-sorting fixes needing to know what's newest. I keep things "unread" when they still require me to look at them. It's a subtle distinction from what doesn't get moved into "Keep", but it makes perfect sense to me.
        Except for busy season, I keep my inbox under about 200 and my "unread" under 100.

        1. (I don't delete much... space is cheaper than my time to go back and decide what can be deleted.)

          I have a similar philosophy on categorizing emails. Unless I am setting up a rule to automatically categorize mail from a particular sender/list, I just put it all in an Archive folder and if I ever need to find anything, I search for it. Sometimes it is tricky to find what I am looking for, but I find this is more time efficient in the long run than spending time inventing categories and deciding how to appropriately sort everything that comes through.

          1. I only do the categorization if I'm getting a lot of emails on the topic and I want them out of my main inbox. Or when I want them all in the same place and I open the sub-mailbox folder in a separate window.
            It's not about after-the-fact organization, it's about at-the-time project management.

    2. Back when I received lots of email, I created folders and rules for anything that was sent to a group alias. That way, the only email in my inbox (and the only email that got a push notification on my phone) was stuff that was sent directly to me. The company I work for now has only a dozen people, and I only get a few emails a day.

      1. I've found that getting fewer e-mails (but still enough) has made it harder to keep organized because I often feel I don't have "enough" for a separate folder.

    3. I hated the new Outlook at first, too.
      You can change settings so they're not threaded, and change view so they're not double-lined. I remember it's a pain though.
      Try googling "Make new outlook look like old outlook" or something.

      Also: hate that it changed the icon color from orange (used by nothing) to blue (used by Word and Skype)

      1. My biggest annoyance is how slow it is. Something else changed recently so now it's even slower and will freeze periodically. I haven't figured out how to set up automatic archiving on an interval less than one year, so several folders are going to get a lot of email until I hit that year. I suspect it's locked by the administrators now.

      2. Also: hate that it changed the icon color from orange (used by nothing) to blue (used by Word and Skype)

        Yeeeeeessssssss. It's driving me crazy.

        I'll definitely have to see what I can improve by messing with the settings. With the current layout, it feels like messages are getting buried ridiculously quickly.

        1. On the ribbon: "View", First icons on the left "Change View..." and "View Settings"
          I also made it so unread mails are black not light blue... having them lighter almost made them disappear from my eyes.

          With the current layout, it feels like messages are getting buried ridiculously quickly.
          I remember that. It also came the week I was vacationing, right before renewal season hit. I got back and I felt I needed the first two days just to figure out what the hell was going on, and even then I felt particularly frayed and lost for weeks.
          Part of that is that I at the same time I got all the other Office updates. For a power-excel user (who had saved his preferences), the fact that quicklaunch icons were 25% wider (though no bigger) really f---ed with my flow. I had to pare things down that I'd already pared down to what I felt was bare minimum so they'd fit on the screen. (Apparently this was the fix... when Excel.XX came out those icons were 100% wider with a "compressed view" which dropped them to 60% wider.)

          1. I figured out how to turn off the message preview today and have messed with the layout some more, so it's definitely getting a bit better. (Which is to say more like it used to be.)

            And yes, this was part of all the other Office updates as well. I still need to fix some stuff in Word so that tracked changes and comments are showing up properly.

            We also switched to "Skype for Business" for IMs. I don't use it all that often, but the animated emojis are absolutely horrifying.

            1. Oh, God, I've lost all my email Quick Parts.


              1. I'm unfamiliar with those concepts.
                Corporate roll-outs should really help people keep their personalization. It's not hard to save all that if you do it before the change.
                But they never tell you how or help you with that.

            2. I don't use it all that often, but the animated emojis are absolutely horrifying.
              [bouncing thumbs up.gif][bouncing thumbs up.gif][bouncing thumbs up.gif][bouncing thumbs up.gif][bouncing thumbs up.gif]

              I'd estimate 80% of my messaging is just typing to see those stupid emojis in action.

  2. Spooky, I randomly showed the Valet the "Ruben Rivera Baserunning Video" two nights ago. Still amazing.

  3. Apparently the Rubio/Rose deal is being held up because NY is asking for more? Dafuq?

    1. I see this as Phil Jackson covering his butt because Rose is still on the team. He couldn't do a one for one swap and now saying "oh Minnesota wants more.

      90% of Rubio rumors this week has been how it strengthens the Knicks (you know, by ridding themselves of Rose) and not about how Minnesota is getting better. All these rumors are coming from New York.

      1. I'd put it at close to 100% that this is the case. This happens every trade deadline and every off-season and it never results in Ricky being traded.

        I mean, I believe they talked, I just strongly doubt they were extensive talks and I doubt even stronger that Thibs would give up his best PG for a wrecked pair of knees and nothing more.

        1. Yep.
          The NBA and MLB trade seasons are pretty much the same. Lots of names get thrown out there, very little actually happens.

          Ricky Rubio has been traded 4 or 5 times since Thibs has taken over, if you believe in the rumor mongers.

      1. I'm thinking it would have to be a salary cap move - Rose comes off the books after this season. But Rubio's contract is very reasonable by today's salary standards and the Wolves already have a bunch of space. Is Dunn that good of a bet to be better than Rubio?

        Even with a very good young core and Thibs, I think Minnesota is a tough sell in free agency. Not sure I want to roll the dice on finding impact players to round out the roster that way.

        1. Is Dunn that good of a bet to be better than Rubio?

          Not even remotely. He does everything Rubio does good, only not as good, and everything Rubio does bad, only worse.

          Also, yeah, it'd be awfully weird for a team under the salary floor to worry about cap space.

          1. Feels like Thibs is falling into a bad coach trap of only wanting guys that fit his system vs. finding a way to utilize strengths.

            A fully-developed, best-case-scenario Dunn is the kind of PG Thibs wants, at least on the defensive end, right? A strong, tough, on-the-ball defender that doesn't need help. Players all develop differently, but the early returns on a guy who is already almost 23 put that best case scenario pretty far out of reach.

            1. Maybe, but it's tough to say after just one draft and not a lot of FA work. This upcoming offseason will be interesting.

              (of course, he has a strong, tough, on-the-ball defender that doesn't need help already, and he's just entering his prime.)

  4. Seen on FB:

    Mother Nature: You can't have all 4 seasons in 1 week.
    MN: Hold my beer.

    Looking less and less like we'll get hit by a blizzard here, but we're still projected to get a several inches. What a crazy weather.

    1. I'm supposed to drive up tomorrow evening, so I've been encouraged to see the snow totals backed off a bit.

  5. The Twins team OPS last year was .738. Here's the current lineup projection:

    Dozier .886
    Polanco .757
    Mauer .752
    Sano .781
    Vargas .833
    Kepler .734
    Rosario .812
    Castro .684 (.757 vs. RH)
    Buxton 1.011

    The OPS listed was either last season or how players finished up after coming up from the minors the last time (Rosario and Buxton). Only Castro is significantly below the Twins' OPS from last year and he hit much better vs. RH pitchers and his primary backup will almost certainly be RH, so we should expect to see him to have the vast majority of his off days vs. LH starting pitchers. Hard to imagine Dozier, Rosario and Buxton will stay at this level, but they could fall off some and still be above .738. It wouldn't be difficult to see the Twins improving on offense this season without making any moves. The key will be continued improvement from the young core (Sano, Buxton, Kepler, Polanco, Rosario, Vargas) and Mauer, Dozier and Castro staving off the effects of another season.

    PS: Just noticed B-Ref has done a redesign on their main website.

    1. Here's tomorrow's lineup. I'd be more excited about Buxton leading off if Dozier was playing, but I still like that Buxton is leading off.

      Byron Buxton, CF
      Jorge Polanco, SS
      Miguel Sano, 3B
      Kennys Vargas, 1B
      Byung Ho Park, DH
      Max Kepler, RF
      Eddie Rosario, LF
      Jason Castro, C
      Ehire Adrianza, 2B

  6. I need to vent. A couple screws fell out where dishwasher was connected to counter. Steam and water leaked which damaged the wood under the counter. Now can't put screws back in or use dishwasher. Appliance store sent service guy out. Said the problem is with installer so told us to call installer.

    My problem is that we never contracted with the installer. We contracted with them and they chose to use an outside installer. If that is what they choose, fine. That doesn't mean they don't have responsibility. They should deal with installer, not me.

          1. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

            I think we'll be at 5-10 this year on numerous miscellaneous house things. It's fun having a house turn 20. Everything breaks at once.

            1. This. Our house turns 20 this year.

              Our contractor said not to replace the entire wall. His stucco guy will chip out about a foot around each window. Replace the windows, flash properly, and repair the stucco. But a dozen windows ain't cheap.

    1. I was irritated recently when Delta didn't get my bag on a plane and then to ship it back to me, they contracted with some third party service. I suppose somewhere in the fine print, Delta's lawyer made it so that they could legally do so, but I never meant for my luggage to be handled by a third party. It got to me soon enough, but I hated the experience.

        1. Luckily I'm half-way handy because we don't have the funds to get professionals for everything needed to do to a 100 year old house that wasn't taken care of very well by the prior owner.

          1. One of my favorite art professors told me that I should get comfortable learning how to fix things at home because I wouldn't be able to afford professional help if I continued to persue art. He weren't joking.

    2. Oh, I feel you. We had a similar problem in a rental unit and I ended up fixing the problem.

      I recommend chipping out the rot (make sure you get it all) and fill the cavety with wood bondo (Home Depot should have this in the paint department). Let the bondo set, predrill your screw holes, and reset the dishwasher.

      1. My problem is that it was installed incorrectly to start. We've only had it for 3 years. This caused the problem. Since I paid to have it installed, it seems like I shouldn't then have to fix the problem.

        On the other hand, how long do I go hand washing dishes before I just break down and do it myself?

  7. I've had a slow leak in the back right tire Subaru Forester for a couple of weeks. This week tried to get an appointment at PepBoys (place I bought the tires last fall).

    Me: Can I make an appointment for Wednesday morning, like first thing?
    P-B He: Yeah, just try to get there early so you will be first in line. There's two other appointments for Wed morning.
    Me: OK Cool. Thanks, Brotha!

    Wed 8:25AM, NBB overhearing PB dude on the phone: Yeah, our service guys aren't in yet.
    NBB - screw this - gets keys and bolts to get to work.

    Wed afternoon:
    NBB: Hey I tried to get in but... I have a spot open tomorrow from 1-2. Can we do it then?
    P-B Ramona: OK, bring it in and we'll handle it.

    Thu at 1:
    NBB: How long will it take? Can you call me when it's ready?
    P-B He: About an hour. Sure, we'll call you.
    NBB has leisurely lunch at Pho Boston, some kind of Vietnamese noodly dish with tasty pork BBQ chunks.
    Back at Pep-Boys, I see that my car isn't even in the bay.
    NBB: Hey, what's up? It's been an hour. I tho't you said it would be done in an hour, and you're not even working on it.
    P-B He: I said we would get started on it in an hour (lie - it was an hour).
    NBB: Give me my keys. Seeyabye.

    I went back later today and bought the tire(turns out this Yokohama model is made for Pep-Boys only and you have to get it from them), and will try to get some local (non-PepBoys) boyo to install. The dude said they were down on service people. If so, then why tell me I can get in and out in an hour?!

      1. I have been to a Pep-Boys once, and it was an awful, awful experience, and I've never been back.

        As you say, I'm sure it depends on the manager/store/etc.

  8. I'm at MSP bar drinking before my Spirit flight to Las Vegas.

    Itenery includes Cirque de Soleil Love (the Beatles one) an Elvis impersonator, drinking, fancy restaurants, and Blackjack. My mom thinks I might get married (I'm not) but no comment on drinken tattoos.

    1. Have fun!

      I made the biggest dinner mistake of my life at Bobby Flay's steak place there. I ordered the fish. My friends still talk about their steaks from that night.

      1. Yeah, I'm suppose to be boarding right now but there is no plane at the gate. Tix plus baggage fees a good $175 cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

        1. I've flown with them a couple of times. It definitely feels like lower quality than other airlines, but the experience wasn't really any worse for me than any other airline is. Slightly worse than the big boys, but cheaper enough that it was worth it for me at least. I mean, I've been on Delta and American flights that never actually made it to the destination that day, either, and I paid more for those.

  9. Almost missed this but ...

    20 years ago today, Sideshow Cecil visited Springfield. (h/t Chris Jaffe)

  10. Super Rugby started up last last night or very early this morning. I'm not sure it was in Australia. All the matches are on the WatchESPN app if anyone's keen to get into it.

    Six Nations is also in full swing. Matchday three is this weekend. The mens' streaming rights are a mess in the States, I've given up on trying to watch them nearly. The ladies are on WatchESPN as well. And that's some good rugby as well. Definitely plenty of good stuff to go around right now.

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