June 14, 2017: Now That’s Spooky

I'm running a Survivor game where all the challenges are baseball-related, and yesterday's scheduled challenge was called "Hit Parade." The WGOMers are asking that I name all the challenges this now, given the Twins game.

24 thoughts on “June 14, 2017: Now That’s Spooky”

    1. Well, sometimes the magic backfires. I did one challenge where the players were to name five players who would play, but be futile at the plate, that day. It was the day that seven different guys hit grand slams, and two of them were among those chosen by the Survivor players.

  1. Question: What software would you use to rip a DVD and then save to shorter clips? It is NOT a copy-protected DVD. Just home movies.

    1. I happen to be a close personal friend to the business manager for Jones Shapiro Axis, which could be the house band for that club.

  2. Escobar and Castro suddenly have triple-digit OPS+. Put Escobar at short and Grossman in the outfield for one of Buxton or Rosario, and Vargas at DH, the Twins could have a lineup where 8 of 9 players have 100 OPS+ or better. If Rosario is in for Buxton, every player would be 97 or better.

  3. One of the sad aspects of watching the Twin Peaks revival is seeing the handful of great actors who passed away in the short time since the filming. Catherine "The Log Lady" Coulson, Miguel Ferrer, Marvin Rosand, Warren Frost, and just missing the cut was David Bowie who had to bow out of a cameo reprising his FBI agent role. In the most recent episode Ferrer had a hilarious scene where he exits a car in the pouring rain (NSFW)

        1. I see, they just did it. I wasn't sure if you meant that they make it illegal in general, or if they just made a new law. Personally, I would outlaw selfies altogether, but I don't think I'm going to win that battle.

          1. Whoa, get off your lawn!

            I have hardly ever done selfies, so I have no mad sklz, but I think there is a time and place. And the time is a lot less often than currently.

  4. I made the mistake of listening to Reusse with Kaat on the way home. It doesn't get much more Get Off My Lawn than that!

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