July 16, 2017: Days of Future Past

first, Venus Williams returns to a Wimbledon final, then Roger Federer wins another Wimbledon. Are we stuck in a time loop? Does this mean I just turned 44 again?

16 thoughts on “July 16, 2017: Days of Future Past”

      1. We are in the western suburbs visiting my family, so we drove out around Delano to take a look. We saw a lot of stars, a hint of the Milky Way disk, a few meteors and a few satellites, but no aurora.

        Looks like the particles were moving faster than expected, so there wasn't much left to see last night.

  1. In L.A. overnight for a meeting. We are headed out to some overpriced restaurant in half an hour. Truth be told, I just want to go to Pink's for some hot dogs.

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