33 thoughts on “Game 162: (Delayed) Kitties @ Twins”

  1. Colón didn't give up the ball after that first out, so the entire infield pantomimed throwing it around the horn. Hilarious.

  2. Mauer now needs 14 hits for 2000. It probably won't happen today--that would be a record.

  3. Apparently Marney Gellner is doing play-by-play of FSN this inning. And as, Provus, put it , "Bert Blyleven is doing--whatever Bert Blyleven does."

      1. This polite mocking of Andrew Romine would come off better if Dick hadn't crapped all over the Tigers for three innings yesterday. Also, if playing people wildly out of position is so horrific, why didn't Dick speak up during all those Sanó right field games?

  4. Colon's 80 IP was 4th most on the team this season. Crazy, yet seems right for this team.

  5. Kudos to the sound guy for busting out "Joy and Pain" by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock during the pitching change as it starts raining.

  6. Thirty years ago another Twins team with a nucleus of exciting young players and a rotation a couple horses short of formidable finished the regular season with a 85-77 record.

    Just saying.

    1. And nothing to be embarrassed about going to the postseason with that record this year; 5 games better than the next best teams, and the same record as the Rockies on the NL side.*

      *and two games up on the Cardinals 😉

      1. Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. They take five teams. The Twins proved that they are one of the five best teams in the league.

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