51 thoughts on “November 17, 2017: Predation”

  1. The Out of the Park league bjhess and I (and TDO) are in is approaching expansion shortly, and we're looking for two new owners. Please let me know if you're interested.

      1. Will will say 15 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week. I will say many hours per week for the first month and then ratcheting down, but rarely less than 15 minutes on simulation days.

        Granted, I probably could do it in less time, but what's the fun in that?

    1. Hmm…I just saw an email from Anthony saying "welcome to two new owners." Are there more than 2 teams being added? (This must be a Facebook conversation I missed.)

      1. I think we're adding four total.

        I agree that it's about fifteen minutes a day for me with some days taking no time and some taking a little more.

          1. It's a historical baseball simulation that started in 1927 and is now in the middle of the 1997 season. You run the team (draft players, sign free agents, hire coaching staffs, etc.) and we simulate the games based on our settings. Typically, we get through about three seasons per calendar year. We also use Japanese players who may never have actually joined MLB (so Sadaharu Oh, for example).

  2. Though I continue to wait for god knows what as it relates to my TV show, last night I was contacted by the head of the wrestling site I write for, and my role's being expanded. I'll now be on podcasts behind the paywall, and it seems like a sort of dry run to see if I might end up being one of the big guns there. I was brought on with about seven or eight other writers, and to be blunt, all but three of us are...a bit rough around the edges.

  3. The NBA is pretty great. A thriller in Boston last night, plus an all-star game broke out in Phoenix. Very entertaining.

    1. I heard them talking up that Boston game, but didn't actually watch any of it. Are the Celtics as good as advertised? checks score ... whoa - held a 'full strength' GSW team to under 90! Nice.

      1. Rumor has it brad stevens had kyrie Irving playing defense this year, which is a great in and of itself. He might be magical.

      2. Impressionistically, both teams missed a lot of makable shots. Dubs were up a dozen in the third and seemed in control. And then they were not.

        1. Steph, Klay and Draymond combined to shoot 11-43, including 6-24 from three-point range. That won't win many games.

          Also, Boston 38 fta, GW 19. That may say something about how each team attacked the rim (or not).

          Boston actually shot worse from the field, but the free throw differential more than made the difference.

  4. I just scored some free tickets for the Olympic Curling finals on Saturday night. However, I need team Schuster to win tonight to force a game 3 tomorrow night.

  5. Not Forbidden Zone:
    Something led me to google the name of my freshman-year classmate and friend at Augsburg, convicted Animal-rights Terrorist* Kevin Kjonaas.
    (after freshman year, he transferred to the U and I only saw him once or twice thereafter).
    It appears that since his release, he's started working at legit animal-rights things, which his brought him to work with the President's daughter-in-law Laura . (Story's from May.)
    So that puts me at four degrees of separation from DJT. And all of you are at five (or less, depending upon other connections). Through a convicted [animal-rights] terrorist!

    *May not be exactly what he was convicted with, but I'm sure they got him with as high of charges as they could prove. Exactly which activities he himself participated in may never be known; though I assume he was involved in all of it.

      1. I once lived in the same building as, and once rode the elevator with (just the two of us) a then-senator Obama. Not sure that beats Alg though...

    1. Algonad...neighbor...VPOTUS...POTUS DJT
      AMR...terrorist...Laura Trump...POTUS DJT
      Looks the same distance to me. I think I get points for degree of difficulty, though Algonad gets points for stronger links.

      Phil...POTUS BHO. Way closer, but more fleeting.

      1. I'll have to check in Kato. The local liquor store carries Captain and Bacardi and thats basically it.

    1. Silver, spiced, gold???

      I'm partial to Myer's or Gosling's for a Dark & Stormy, and Pyrat, Kilo Kai and Shellback are generally available options for basic rum cocktails that I like.

      For the standard rum & coke, Cruzan, Sailor Jerry and Bacardi aren't terrible options.

      1. I kind of mix it up. I used the last of Bacardi Gold and am just looking for something to mix it up. I usually get Captain for my spiced rum needs and Bacardi for everything else.

        1. If you want a very good, local option, Alander Nordic from Far North Spirits (Hallock, MN) is one of my favorite spiced rums. $32 for a 750ml.

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