50 thoughts on “2018 Game 5: Twins at Pirates”

    1. I dont know, I think he thought it was up in the stands. The catcher had no clue where the ball was.

    1. To the degree instant replay still relies on the on field officials it fails.

      All sports should move to off the field replay decisions - its faster and more correct. This idea that we need to show respect to the on field officials to have the final decision and use the replay is antiquated and the largest current problem with replay.

        1. The NBA has a nice hybrid - they still waste time having the on court officials view the TV monitors as well. When the audience at home is able to know the call minutes before replay officials - the leagues look incompetent. Needs to go a step further - have a replay official just make the call as quickly as we at home are able to see the replay and inform the officials on the field/floor/court and move on.

  1. Re: Cory and Dan's discussion about launch angle--I wonder if eventually the "market inefficiency" will be line drive hitters who use the whole field.

    1. I heard the other day from a former major leaguer who said basically the launch angle thing is nothing new on hitting just a different way of explaining it to batters, also using stats to show how it is better to elevate the ball instead of hitting on the ground. Ted Williams used to talk about swinging at a slight upward angle to meet the ball at the angle it's coming in.

      1. I agree with that--I remember reading Ted Williams' book on hitting, not that it helped me any--but there's clearly much more of an emphasis on elevating the ball now than there used to be.

  2. Geoff! Did you see Algonad's buddy Rich Ruohonen during your curling excursion?

    1. No - that was one of the disappointing parts of the experience - none of the gold medal winners were there. The US "B" (if not "C") team was in last place and got killed by Norway at the draw I attended - and they were two sheets away from where I was sitting.

      1. Well as I google - looks like Rich was there - but I didn't have a chance to really interact with any of the US team members. They were on sheet B and my seats were front row in the middle of sheet D.

  3. I appreciate the dichotomy between watching Escobar catch the ball while wearing a balaclava then toss it to Reed who's in short sleeves.

  4. There is a vendor that is behind home plate (couldnt tell what he was selling) that is dressed in a full Homestead Grays uniform.

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