Game 21: Reds at Twins.

Yesterday, I checked in on the game and it was 3-0 and I though "Oh, Twins got this" HAHAHAHAH boy, am I a sucker or what!

Interleague battle tonight as the Red come to town. They have already fired their manager and really haven't picked up too many wins since (3-15 under Bryan Price, 2-5 under Jim Riggleman)

I was really hoping Billy Hamilton would turn out to be a good player, but I would say he is a bust. Fast guy, cant get on base. Thats a shame.

Losing streaks stink, so lets get a win tonight!

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  1. Logan Morrison has 21 career triples, including 7 in his rookie season. That 21 number surprises me, would have guessed 5 tops.

  2. Justin Morneau just said that Joe Mauer has always been a good hitter in RISP situations. Will the rubes finally start believing that fact?

  3. Morneau’s saying it was Eddie who spaced on clearing the bat; it’s the on-deck batter’s responsibility, not the ump’s.

    That seems...very plausible.

        1. I'd say that Berrios is excellent. Gibson might be (?) good. Odorizzi seems pretty good. Lynn is better than he's been, I think.

          Hughes is toast. I'd say he gets maybe one more start.

          1. I agree that Berríos is already very good. Lynn has been good in the past, but that was pre-Tommy John. Odorizzi is a fifth starter in a truly strong rotation. Gibson’s basically Nick Blackburn.

            1. Gibson averages out to Blackburn. He's the prototypical inconsistent starter that mixes great starts with terrible starts.

  4. I don't blame the Twins for feeling like they had to give Hughes a chance, but it's pretty obvious that he can't get it done any more. If he wants to go somewhere and try to get it back, fine. But at this point, running him out there is just throwing games away.

    1. I feel bad for the guy — I imagine he’s as frustrated as he can be with his body’s limitations. But I agree that there really isn’t a place on this roster for what he needs.

      1. That may be, but I really don't see any reason to think he can fill that role effectively, either. He might not be any worse than David Hale, but I don't know that he's any better.

        1. They might be able to convince him to go down to AAA and work on the "new" Phil Hughes and figure what's working for him now after both operations.

  5. I'm actually liking Mountie as an analyst. This sort of surprises me.

    Also, Morisson can keep hitting that way. Man, that ball was hammered.

  6. I get a kick out of how Gladden says everybody, including Morrison, "can run a little bit". It's technically true, I guess, but I just find it funny.

  7. I think I've mentioned this before, but Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart is the nephew of my brother's wife, so I guess that makes him my nephew-in-law.

      1. I agree. For a man his age, Molitor does seem to be willing to adapt, rather than being stubbornly "old school". I like that.

  8. Sano took a hanging slider in the middle of the plate and then swung through a fastball in the middle of the plate. Apparently not seeing Shackleford very well.

  9. I've never seen a player try to jump kick a relay throw, and now I know why.

  10. In the pregame, they were talking about how these teams have been struggling offensively. So of course the game is tied 8-8 in the fifth inning.

  11. This Twins staff is reminding me of the late'90s Twins staffs that had Brad Radke and not much else.This staff should be a lot better than that, but they sure haven't been showing it

  12. This is what happens when the Twins wear the red jerseys while playing the Reds.

  13. The Twins are in one of those stretches where it feels like they'll never win another game again. They will, obviously, but that's how it feels right now.

  14. I was really hoping Billy Hamilton would turn out to be a good player, but I would say he is a bust. Fast guy, cant get on base.

    I am a great baseball mind.

  15. Kepler's at-bats have been really fun to watch this year. Great plate discipline but still aggressive when he gets a pitch to hit. He could really have a big year.

  16. The umps feel sorry for the Twins (although runner dude was not in the runners lane, which is a dumb rule to begin with but whatever)

    1. We was way inside the line. Definitely interfering. If it was football, they could have ruled that the ball wasn't catchable, but that doesn't matter in baseball as far as I know.

  17. Just in case the game didn't leave a bad enough taste in my mouth, MnDOT decided to leave only one lane open on 35W South. At that point, just close the Hughes and don't let anyone on. Instead, we were a trapped as fine lakes of traffic merge into one and it took 45 minutes to get to the first exit.

    1. Pro tip - take LaSalle/Blaisdell from downtown after Twins Game. It’s one way and lights are synced. You’ll get to 40th in no time.

      1. We're just far enough south that 35w is usually about five minutes faster after a night game (when hurrying home for the babysitter and every second counts). Nonetheless, we have now learned our lesson for this season.

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