18 thoughts on “May 7, 2018: Ultra White”

  1. We had a new deck installed as part of The Big Renovation last year. I wasn't able to get it stained in the fall before the rainy season started. So, this weekend I sanded it to prepare for staining next weekend.

    Naturally, our contractor, whom we've been waiting on for WEEKS to come by and water-test our windows (he had to do some retro repairs in February or March because ... the idiot assistant to his stucco guy installed flashing pieces upside down, causing new interior leaking...oy) contacted us on sunday to say he was coming this week.

    c'mon, dude.

  2. LeBron is using the Randy Moss philosophy to conserve energy. I always thought if Moss was gonna take a play off here and there, that was all right. He was a guy where max effort plays were worth so much that a few plays to rest here and there should have been tolerated and indeed encouraged. But, the NFL culture is full of numbnuts who focused negatively on what was really smart energy conservation by old number 84.

    1. By the way, LBJ is having a season and post-season for the ages. Incredible. In. Cred. I. Ble. Enjoy what he's doing. It's been awesome.

    2. with Moss, it would have made more sense to just substitute. That's why you have backups -- get max- or near-max effort on most plays.

      In the NBA, I get it. Small rosters, and such a huge dropoff from LBJ to, well, almost anyone.

      1. Except that having Moss on the field as a decoy was worth more than any reserve. You have to have a guy on him and a second guy deep to double. Just run away from him and let him rest.

      2. There were probably times that it would've made more sense to substitute for Moss. In his prime, though, Moss was so great that he might draw two defenders to him even he just stood there.

  3. Made it to Newark, waiting to gate and hit customs.

    Our Uber driver this morning (last night?) in London is the brother-in-law of the woman who was the first Muslim elected official in Minnesota, which was pretty neat to find out.

    1. When I was in high school I sometimes jokingly observed that his own grandkids would probably be too embarrassed to acknowledge him as their grandfather, which meant he was available for someone else to claim, so I might as well say he was my grandpa.

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