Game 50 — Twins at KC

Twins play the second game against the scuffling Royals after winning 8-5 on Memorial Day. These are the games the Twins need to keep winning if they want to keep pace with the Clevelanders, especially given their upcoming four game series this weekend at Target Field against the dreaded [redacted].

Danny Duffy on the mound for KC and he’s been a bit of disappointment after a 2016 breakout season. 6.14 ERA, 1.60 WHIP, 2-6 record shouldn’t strike fear in the Twins’ batters hearts. Gibby pitching for the Twins and he’s been much better than his 1-3 record would indicate.

No Hockey or NBA Playoffs tonight so the Twins can have your undivided attention. 7:15p start, so grab some KC-style bbq, your favorite beverage and enjoy.

33 thoughts on “Game 50 — Twins at KC”

  1. Sure, Duffy's numbers don't strike fear in the Twins batter's hearts, but he's left-handed, and that does. Looks like we'll have to depend on Max tonight.

    1. Twins have actually batted slightly better vs. lefties this year than righties, mostly thanks to Kepler, Mauer and Rosario. Of course, Mauer is not in there tonight.

  2. Much has been made about Gibson using his 4-seamer more, but I notice him using his 2-seamer differently as well. He used to always constantly try to pitch it down and in to righties to try to get them to pound it into the ground and it would consistently move out of the zone and he would keep falling behind because of it. I see him more now backdooring the 2-seamer on the outside part of the plate to righties to throw strikes and get ahead. Maybe he gets lots of whiffs on his slider because batters think it's the 2-seamer instead and swing in the wrong area.

  3. I haven't paid much attention this year, but is Dick always pining this much for a stolen base? I think I've heard him mention that the Twins aren't running enough at least 5 times in the last few innings I've watched the past few days.

    1. It all started a few days ago when Molitor said something about lack of stolen bases.

    1. The bunt with Buxton on 1st bothers me. I get it, a base hit to the OF should score him then... but you're completely taking his potential to steal a base out of the equation by doing that. I feel like I've seen them make this mistake a couple times this year now, where he ultimately doesn't come in to score. Put him on 2nd via a steal and then bunt, and the sac fly puts them ahead.

  4. I've moved from cleaning the office while listening to the game on the radio to laying on the couch watching the game on TV.

    1. I had to go in and close down the joint, due to supervisors family emergency. Now on couch... now crying in my beer as we just have been walked off upon.

  5. I turned it off after Buxton's terrible at bat in the tenth, but it's had to blame Rogers for losing it in the fourteenth when he had warmed up in the seventh and ninth. Can't think it's too easy to stay fresh for two hours.

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