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Game 111 — Brewers at Twins

It’s the second game of 2-game series against the Brew Crew. Then they all pack it up and head to Milwaukee and do the same thing for two more games. No word if they share a plane back to MKE. I’ve gone on the record against these two-and-two series against your other league rival. Back in the day, the weekend series against your rival was a blast. Mainly because it was on the weekend. It created excitement and memories, made fans out people not necessarily fans. Who knows, maybe they’d come back for another game sometime.

Now tonight is supposed to be gorgeous weather-wise and the crowd should be decent, but it’s really a lost opportunity. But then again, it’s MLB. What are you going to do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mejia against Matt Garza. Should be a fun game. I’ll be there in those trendy Catch seats, eating free Tapas and drinking free Summit bear with the boy. I may have to cancel Wednesday morning meetings.

Game 104 — Twins at Padres (not Jeff A)

Yikes, what a difference a week makes. Last week we were basking in the glow of the Jaime Garcia trade, wondering who were we're going to give up to get Sonny Gray or Yu Darvish and putting money under the mattress for playoff tix. Today we sardonically smile at Garcia's Mooch-like tenure with the Twins and welcome the Dillon Gee era of Twins baseball.

But not all is lost. The Twins are playing in a beautiful city and a beautiful ballpark and Jose Berrios on the moun and Byron Buxton roaming centerfield. Let's go show those Padres that (Hamms) bears really are cool.

Game 93: Yankees at Twins

We all have to admit this Twins season has been better than expected. Forty-seven wins on July 17, while the 2016 version hadn’t won #47 until August 13th, team somewhat in the play-off mix in a bad division, good years from Sano, Santana, Berrios, Kintzler… we all know the facts. The Twins have been playing decent, fun baseball. When they get blown out, heck throw the back-up catcher out there for an inning. It’s fun and baseball is a game, meaning it should be fun.

That’s why the Twins signing Bartolo Colón and having him pitch against the Yankees is such a compelling story. It’s fun, it’s interesting. It has a bit of “hey check out this crazy thing.” Will Aaron Judge hit a massive homerun off of Colón? Likely. Will Bartolo dazzle the Yankees for 6 innings with 3-hit ball? Unlikely. Is this just a marketing ploy to get a few more tickets sold at Target Field or a few more eyeballs checking out DicknBert? Could be. Who knows what will happen tonight but isn’t that the compelling part? That it will be fun to see? That tomorrow you will see a bunch of memes or funny tweets? That at least for a little bit we were engaged by baseball?

Yankees pitcher is some guy named Luis Cessa. Game time at 7:10p. The big sexy thunderstorms earlier forecasted during game time seem to have dissapated so it looks like game on.

Game 68 — Pale Hose v. Twins

We all saw it coming didn't we? Twins playing above their heads and the Clevelanders scuffling. Regression to the mean was inevitable, especially given the pitching staff the Twins had planned.

But nothing fixes what ails you than a 3 game stint against the lowly White Sox. Let's hope the Twins keep Hawk quiet for innings at a time as Santana gets back on track. Beautiful night for a 7:10p game.

Game 61: Seattle at Twins

Remember when we all clammored for the Twins to call up Kyle Gibson? Gibby was going to be the savior, the guy who was going to pick up Johan Santana's dusty mantle and become staff ace. Heck when he finally finally got called up, we called it Gibmas.

Anyway we don't feel that way anymore do we? He's pitched better of late but that's faint praise.

Gibby on the mound again on this steamy night. Let's hope more improvement is shown and we can remember those days when we were young and idealistic.

Game 54 – Twins at Mariners

The Twins take their traveling wrecking ball into Seattle for a 3 game series against the Mariners.  The Twins are 17-6 on the road and Safeco is the only place where the Twins swept last year. So we got that going for us.  Which is nice

Unfortunately for the Twins, the surprise pitcher of the year James Paxton and his 1.26 ERA and 4-0 record is on the mound for the Mariners. Hector Santiago pitching for the Twins.

Game at 9:10 so you have time to watch the Stanley Cup Finals,  er.. the NBA finals,  um enjoy the beautiful evening before the game.