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2020 Game 56 – Tigers at Twins

Final week of the season and the Twins start a two-gamer against the Gardy-less Tigers #pouroneoutforGardy.

No announced starter for the Twins this morning but the Tigers trot out Tarik Skubai, who has won and lost a game against the Twins this year.

UPDATE: It's Homer Bailey!!!! Who even remembers he was on the team?

Nelson Cruz appears to still be nursing a sore knee so we probably won't see him today.

There's still a chance for the Twins to win the Central so I'd hope they take these last few games seriously, especially against a team that definitely is looking forward to wrapping up and going home.

September mid-week game so 6:40p start.

2020 Game Log 50 – Twins at White Sox

So that was frustrating. Twins leave 432,819 runners on base last night and couldn't close out on a White Sox team that has beat up on the Tigers and Royals but basically .500 against everyone else.

Dobnak on the mound for the Twins who had a really bad 3rd inning a week ago against the Cardinals. Someone called Dane Dunning pitching for the Sox.

First pitch at 7:10 and would be nice if the Twins could rally and cruise to the Division championship these last 11 games.

2020 Game Log 44 and 45 – Twins at Cardinals

Two games today against the Cardinals. So this is a game log for both. Also I am pretty sure these are 7 inning games. These are the only two games against St. Louis and then the Twins don't play until Friday again. I know this has been a crazy schedule due to the truncated season, but not sure how this week's schedule came about.

Berrios pitching game 1, Dobnak in game two.

First game line up:
2b Arraez
3B Donaldson
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
1B Sano
RF Cave
CF Buxton
C Astudillo

Game 1 at 1:15p; Game 2 at 4:15p.

2020 Game 37 – White Sox at Twins

Hey Big Mike, good to have you back. You see the Twins have really been scuffing along lately. Poor pitching, even poorer hitting, some sloppy fielding to just to add to the misery. So I know you haven't been around lately but it sure would be nice if you made up for your absence (ahem) and blow away a bunch of White Sox batters. Just sayin'...

Dallas Keuchel on the mound for the Sox and he's probably what the Chicago was looking for in a veteran pitcher. Let's hope the Twins can get some timely hits of the crafty lefty.

Oh and Byron Buxton's back too!!!

Fun line up tonight for Twins, let's see if that snaps them out of their zombie like state.

Line Up
1b Sano
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
RF Gonzalez
3B Adrianza
CF Buxton
2B Vargas
C Jeffers

2020 Game Log 31: Twins at Spiders

So the 2020 season is officially half over and the Twins sitting pretty at 20-10. Google tells me that's winning every two out of three games or a .66666666666666666666666 winning percentage. They've done it with pretty good pitching and some timely hitting, which will usually lead to winning lots of games. Seems to prove out.

Speaking of good pitching, Justin Shane Bieber on the mound for Clevelanders. He is really good with a Yummy 5-0 record this year. WHIP of 0.75, 65ks in 40.2 innings with just 6 walks and 25 hits. But Never Say Never Twins fans, Rich Hill is due for a stellar performance himself.

Game time at 6:10 Central

2020 Game Log 24: Brewers at Twins

(Checks to make sure tonight's games haven't been canceled for a league-wide training on when a batter can swing at a pitch..... whew, we're still on....)

Brewers come to town for a three-game series starting tonight. This is usually where I gripe about MLB having the Brewers and Twins playing mid-week games instead of weekend games to accommodate more fans, but the pandemic has even taken that away from me this year. Don't worry, I double down on my venting next year if need be.

Maeda up for the Twins and he's been all everyone wanted: Three wins paired with zero losses; 0.72 WHIP, 21Ks v. 4BBs. Sure the competition hasn't been all that great but Maeda didn't create the schedule did he? Someone named Corbin Burnes for the Brewers and it appears he moves from the bullpen to getting the start. Likes the strikeout with 1.5 Ks per inning, but also will walk a bunch too. Should be a fun game.

First pitch at 7:10p A little birdie that Bert is back in the booth for those who watch with tv broadcast.

Twins Line-Up
RF - Kepler
SS - Polanco
DH - Cruz
LF - Rosario
3B - Gonzalez
2B - Arraez
1B - Sano
CF - Buxton
C - Avila

2020 Game Log 18 — Twins at Brewers

Game two of a 3-game series against the Brew Crew. Twins going with a bullpen by committee tonight with Tyler Clippard getting the "start." Brewers at 6-8 have been a little disappointing this year, including 1-5 at home. After getting off that four game losing streak let's hope for more good luck for the Twins.


RF Kepler
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
3B Gonzalez
C Garver
2B Arraez
1B Sano
CF Buxton

Game time 7:10p

2020 Game 11: Pirates at Twins

Afternoon Game Alert!!

End of a pretty good homestand for the Twins but only the second game of a 4-game tilt against the Pirates, with the next two games at PNC.

Not much to complain about this team 10 games in, except perhaps the performance of Jose Berrios. Hopefully this all gets rectified today against a Pirates team that has only won two games.

Furthermore, who knows this season really lasts so getting as many wins under their belt will do the Twins good. Perhaps there will be an abbreviated playoff to get some closure on the season.

Beautiful day for some outdoor baseball, let's go Twins!

2020 Game 4 — Cardinals at Twins

Twins begin their 2020 home season schedule with a National League opponent for the first time ever which seems appropriate given this weird season. The St. Louis Cardinals should be pretty decent this year so a good gauge early on what the Twins could be.

Homer Bailey up for the Twins and let’s hope that he forgets to pitch to name. Carlos Martinez pitching for the Cards. He was a reliever last year but is going back to being a starter for 2020.

Game time at 7:10p with some early season opener festivities. At 8:46p a moment of silence for George Floyd and apparently there will be a memorial mural on the outfield wall in his honor. Don’t read the Strib comments!

So baseball’s back baby. Let’s continue what was started in Chicago.

FMD – Fun times with Pandemic Music?

Any new musical discoveries during this pandemic/quarantine? Trying to discover new music or leaning on old standbys? Earlier this week I was working at home, all alone and it was pouring rain outside. So I listened to Elliot Smith's debut, Roman Candle. Perfect for an isolating raining day.

My love for Van Halen's first album is well known and I thought, since Eruption is such a great intro to You Really Got Me, what other songs would it be a great intro to. The cool thing with streaming music services, is that it's really easy to find out so I created a bunch of playlist pairing a song with Eruption.

I discovered, to no surprise, that Eruption before a quiet song just doesn't work. I thought perhaps the daring difference would be kind of cool, but nope, it's just too discordant. Also pairing Eruption with any other classic rock song works pretty good. Eruption leading into Welcome to the Jungle doesn't miss a beat.

It also works pretty well with some GBV songs, particularly Motor Away and I am a Tree. It really works with a song called Soul Barn, which is an amazing toss-off song buried on a demo release. In all cases, if the production were better, all these combo's would be really cool

Any way, long way to say so stay safe and listen to music, it can really be a balm in these trying times.

Drop 'em if you got 'em.