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FMD — Happy 75th Birthday Neil Young

Neil Young is 75 years old today which is definitely worthy of a FMD post. One of those artists I discovered when I was a teenager that I have loved consistently ever since. Although he hasn't put out anything lately that I have found super compelling, he's also been releasing a bunch of stuff from the archives that have been amazing. I can continue to listen to both live recordings and album releases from each decade since the 60's and do so frequently.

Happy Birthday Neil, this note's for you.

2020 World Series Game 6

Game 6 and the Dodgers are on the doorstep.

Gonslin on the mound for the Dodgers and he's been fairly pedestrian during the playoffs so I think he may have a short leash, especially with Buehler slated for tomorrow they can probably dig deep into the bullpen if need be. Snell pitching for the Rays.

Been an entertaining series thus far so here's hoping for at least one more good game. First pitch at 7:08p. Apparently the roof will be closed. Not sure if they is an advantage for one team or not.

Wild Card Game 1 – Astros at Twins

For the 3rd time in four years the Twins are in the playoffs and somehow this time it feels different. Sure we are living in a pandemic, just had a 60 games season and eight teams made the playoffs, so of course it feels different. But this year the Twins just seem to have a shot, especially if Byron Buxton and Josh Donaldson are able to play. EDIT: Bux in, Donaldson out.

The hated Astros are in town and you just know just about everyone outside of the Houston area will be rooting for the Twins to easily dispatch of those cheaters. Rich Hill has been especially outspoken about his disdain for the Astros and what they did to baseball and even though he probably won't pitch this series I hope his hatred rubs off on his teammates.

Kenta Maeda on the mound for the Twins (another guy who may have some thoughts on the Astros) and easily the Twins ace this year and richly deserves the opening slot. Zach Grienke pitching for the Astros and while he started strong this year, has labored recently. Let's hope it's a trend.

Game time is at 1:08p this afternoon televised on ABC and lots of radio outlets and streaming platforms. Weather should be perfect for fall baseball.

1. Luis Arraez, 2B
2. Byron Buxton, CF
3. Max Kepler, RF
4. Nelson Cruz, DH
5. Eddie Rosario, LF
6. Miguel Sano, 1B
7. Jorge Polanco, SS
8. Ryan Jeffers, C
9. Marwin Gonzalez, 3B

2020 Game 56 – Tigers at Twins

Final week of the season and the Twins start a two-gamer against the Gardy-less Tigers #pouroneoutforGardy.

No announced starter for the Twins this morning but the Tigers trot out Tarik Skubai, who has won and lost a game against the Twins this year.

UPDATE: It's Homer Bailey!!!! Who even remembers he was on the team?

Nelson Cruz appears to still be nursing a sore knee so we probably won't see him today.

There's still a chance for the Twins to win the Central so I'd hope they take these last few games seriously, especially against a team that definitely is looking forward to wrapping up and going home.

September mid-week game so 6:40p start.

2020 Game Log 50 – Twins at White Sox

So that was frustrating. Twins leave 432,819 runners on base last night and couldn't close out on a White Sox team that has beat up on the Tigers and Royals but basically .500 against everyone else.

Dobnak on the mound for the Twins who had a really bad 3rd inning a week ago against the Cardinals. Someone called Dane Dunning pitching for the Sox.

First pitch at 7:10 and would be nice if the Twins could rally and cruise to the Division championship these last 11 games.

2020 Game Log 44 and 45 – Twins at Cardinals

Two games today against the Cardinals. So this is a game log for both. Also I am pretty sure these are 7 inning games. These are the only two games against St. Louis and then the Twins don't play until Friday again. I know this has been a crazy schedule due to the truncated season, but not sure how this week's schedule came about.

Berrios pitching game 1, Dobnak in game two.

First game line up:
2b Arraez
3B Donaldson
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
1B Sano
RF Cave
CF Buxton
C Astudillo

Game 1 at 1:15p; Game 2 at 4:15p.

2020 Game 37 – White Sox at Twins

Hey Big Mike, good to have you back. You see the Twins have really been scuffing along lately. Poor pitching, even poorer hitting, some sloppy fielding to just to add to the misery. So I know you haven't been around lately but it sure would be nice if you made up for your absence (ahem) and blow away a bunch of White Sox batters. Just sayin'...

Dallas Keuchel on the mound for the Sox and he's probably what the Chicago was looking for in a veteran pitcher. Let's hope the Twins can get some timely hits of the crafty lefty.

Oh and Byron Buxton's back too!!!

Fun line up tonight for Twins, let's see if that snaps them out of their zombie like state.

Line Up
1b Sano
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
RF Gonzalez
3B Adrianza
CF Buxton
2B Vargas
C Jeffers