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Game 68 — Pale Hose v. Twins

We all saw it coming didn't we? Twins playing above their heads and the Clevelanders scuffling. Regression to the mean was inevitable, especially given the pitching staff the Twins had planned.

But nothing fixes what ails you than a 3 game stint against the lowly White Sox. Let's hope the Twins keep Hawk quiet for innings at a time as Santana gets back on track. Beautiful night for a 7:10p game.

Game 61: Seattle at Twins

Remember when we all clammored for the Twins to call up Kyle Gibson? Gibby was going to be the savior, the guy who was going to pick up Johan Santana's dusty mantle and become staff ace. Heck when he finally finally got called up, we called it Gibmas.

Anyway we don't feel that way anymore do we? He's pitched better of late but that's faint praise.

Gibby on the mound again on this steamy night. Let's hope more improvement is shown and we can remember those days when we were young and idealistic.

Game 54 – Twins at Mariners

The Twins take their traveling wrecking ball into Seattle for a 3 game series against the Mariners.  The Twins are 17-6 on the road and Safeco is the only place where the Twins swept last year. So we got that going for us.  Which is nice

Unfortunately for the Twins, the surprise pitcher of the year James Paxton and his 1.26 ERA and 4-0 record is on the mound for the Mariners. Hector Santiago pitching for the Twins.

Game at 9:10 so you have time to watch the Stanley Cup Finals,  er.. the NBA finals,  um enjoy the beautiful evening before the game.


Game 35: Rockies at Twins

Raise your hands if you looked at the Twins schedule and thought this week’s tilt against the Rockies would be between two first place clubs.  Anyone?  The Colorado Rockies are probably one of the surprise teams of the early 2017 season (well besides the Twins) and bring a flashy 24-15 record to Target Field.

Kyle Freeland takes his 2.92 ERA up against Phil Hughes and his 4-1 record.   Some forecast for storms tonight and all week but given this is the only Rockies trip to Target Field in like 6 years, I have a feeling everyone will work hard to get this game and the next two in.  May have to be prepared for some long nights.

Programming Note:  I will need someone to take next Tuesday's game log as I will be here next Tuesday with no wi-fi.

Game 30: Twins v. White Sox

Oh it’s real now Twins fans.  Joe Mauer is angry* about getting the short end of a bad called third strike.  American League pitchers couldn’t stop Miguel Sano, so they petitioned MLB to sit him for a day.  Stalwarts like Danny Santana, Kyle Gibson, and Michael Tonkin unceremoniously dumped by the whippersnappers in the front office.  Plus, Twins hides still chapped from the spanking the Red Sox put on them over the weekend.  Yes, these Twins are just loaded for bear, looking to take it on someone, anyone.  Who better than the White Sox, those southside ne-er do wells, home of disco demolition day and the Ligue family?

Wait there’s more you say?  Mike Pelfrey is pitching for the Whities?  Big Pelf?  The Dude who had a 35.6 ERA and -14.1 WAR** during his short stay with the Twins?   Bring. It. On.  I foresee the Twins batting around twice before the 4th inning as all those frustrations ooze out of the visitor dugout.  Tonight will be one cathartic primal scream where Brian Buxton’s batting average moves from .165 to .180, Max Kepler creates a fourth law of White Sox ass kicking, and Hector Santiago strikes out the side on seven pitches.  Paul Molitor may even only use 3 pitchers tonight instead of the usual 7 or 8.  I call this a Teri Hatcher game (It’s going to be real and it’s going to be spectacular).  So sit back and enjoy the festivities.

* Well, mildly upset

** Unconfirmed but close

Game 24 — Athletics at Twins

It’s May and the Twins have a winning record.  Miguel Sano had a great first month and has been decent in the field (man what a rifle for an arm at third base).  Polanco doing well, Buxton maybe showing some signs of life at the plate, serviceable pitching… all portend to at least some hope that we will continue to see entertaining, hopeful baseball into the Summer.

Ervin Santana has been lights out this year and brings his 0.77 ERA to tonight’s game against the Athletics and the 2017 debut of Sonny Gray.  Game at 7:10p

The Jam — In the City

From 1977 (I think).  Not all punks were snot nosed.  The Jam brought  some style to the scene, but don't let the clothes fool you, they still brought anger and a driving guitars to their songs.  Paul Weller was tough!  Reportedly he beat up Sid Vicious cuz he thought the Sex Pistols copied his songs.  I'm dropping another song in the comments.



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