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2021Game Log 28 – Rangers at Twins

Twins have been showing some signs of life lately with timely bats and decent starting pitching so why not finally bring Kyle Gibson to the mound to keep that winning streak going. Wait, I'm being told that Kyle Gibson is now pitching for the Rangers and he's been good Gibby?

Yes, Kyle Gibson has a 3.0 record for the Rangers, was their opening day starter and has earned that honor with a dang good season so far. Fun to see him do well but we all know it's time for bad Gibby to show is head sometime so why not tonight?

J.A. Happ for the Twins and he's been a pleasant surprise with a 2.0 record and 1.96 ERA.

Nice night for a ballgame if you can get in. 6:40p start.

Twins Lineup:

2021 Game Log 22 — MN Twins at Cleveland Baseball Club

Oof. Another frustrating loss and now they are starting to pile up and the SSS factor is slipping away. The Twins have been wielding the assiest of ass bats lately with no one without the name Cruz or Buxton on the back of their jerseys having any success at the plate whatsoever. Combine that with a bullpen that coughs up leads faster than my dog coughs up dead squirrel and you've got a team with twice as many loses as wins.

Kenta Maeda on the mound for the Twins and lets' hope a nice recovery from last weeks lousy outing. Civale for Cleveland and he's had a decent year, not a big strike out guy so hopefully the Twins can put some balls in play today. 5:10p start time

Twins Line Up

2B - Arraez
3B - Donaldson
CF - Buxton
DH - Cruz
LF - Kirillof
1B - Astudillo
RF - Cave
C - Garver
SS - Simmons

Hey Simmons back in the lineup!

2021 Twins Game Log 15 and 16 – Twins at A’s

After a mid-April Covid break, Twins up to play two against the Athletics.

As I write this, it has been announced Derek Chauvin verdict has been reached and by the time you read this, it will have been announced so not sure how much Twins notice attention will be.

Game 1: Shoemaker v. Manaea 5:30p
Game 2: Berrios v. Luzardo. 8:30p

Game 1 Line up
C - Garver
3b - Donaldson
DH - Cruz
CF - Buxton!!
SS - Polanco
1B - Sano
LF - Arraez
RF - Rooker
2b - Astudillo

2021 Game Log 10: Red Sox and Twins

Twins and Red Sox look to get started again after yesterday's postponement. Looks like today's announced starters will remain with Monday's starters going on Wednesday as part of a doubleheader. That means A.J. Happ versus former Twin Martin Perez.

Going to be lousy weather with wet raw temperatures in the upper 30's. I bet you could get in the game for under $10 if you wanted to (bundle up!).

Red Sox have been decent this year, not sure if it's SSS or they've made some real improvements. Twins have played well except for a relieve who shall remain nameless.

1:10p first pitch, let's hope for some baseball as a small distraction to trying times.

Twins Lineup
CF - Buxton
LF - Garlick
C - Garver
2B - Polanco
DH - Sano
3B - Arraez
1B - Astudillo
SS - Simmons
RF - Cave

2021 Game Log 5: Twins at Tigers

Except for one little 9th inning hiccup and a couple of GI issues (oh and Josh Donaldson), I think Twins fans can all be pretty happy the way the season has gone so far. A 3-1 record, Buxton and Cruz hitting bombas, Arraez getting on base at 6.9420 clip, great starting pitching etc. So let's keep it going.

New Twin J.A. Happ on the mound today and the Twins only lefty. Not a big strikeout guy but maybe a good veteran presence. He's certainly been around both leagues a bit. Casey Mize for the Tigers, a former #1 pick who made his debut last year but wasn't spectacular.

After scoring 15 runs yesterday big concern about saving some for today but Twins' bats should match up well against Mize so no worries there. 12:10p start.

Twins Lineup
Arraez - 2B
Polanco - SS
Cruz - DH
Kepler - RF
Rooker - LF
Cave - CF
Sano - 1B
Astudillo - 3B
Jeffers - C

Jane’s Addiction – Three Days

Probably my fave Jane's Addiction song. This one is over the top and has it all: maracas, sexy dancers, simulated back door sex, ASL signer who is signing a guitar solo, an actual drum solo, big stage, Chicago skyline. It's rock and roll baby, just go with it.

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FMD — 7″ Vinyl Singles

I haven't bought into the vinyl renaissance. Part of the reason is that I've bought vinyl when I was a kid and young adult, then cassettes, then CDs, now streaming services. I'm not going back to buying albums that I've owned on like three other platforms. Also I like the long playing feature that CDs, I-tunes, and streaming services provides. I do have about 20-30 albums that I've kept or collected along the way that I will listen to occasionally, but not often.

However, I am a sucker for 7" singles and continue to scour record stores and bookstores for cool singles, especially older classic singles, 70's AM Radio hits, and punk singles from the 1970s and early 1980s. I'm not looking for pristine copies that are collectibles, but actually well used (to a degree) records from the era. I also have an older type record player with a tinny speaker.

Basically I love listening to I Want to Hold Your Hand, Heartbreak Hotel, Brown Eyed Girl, etc., as they were probably listened to by some teenager some 50, 60 years ago. It's a thrill to think that someone was probably in their rec room or bedroom listening to this same record and hearing Elvis for the first time, or the Beatles after just seeing them on the Ed Sullivan show.

Have you gotten back into vinyl? Do your parents or grandparents still have a stash of 45rpms stuck in a closet somewhere (if so, hit me up). Do you sometimes just listen to old records and go over the cover, liner notes, and photos?

Also, drop 'em if you got 'em.