August 2, 2018: Stashed

Don't remember where, but I saw somewhere that Molly said, after all the trades, he couldn't really think of anyone in the minors that deserved a look up in the Majors. That seemed... wrong?

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  1. That was a tweet from Mike Berardino. Two, actually. The first sounded way worse with less context.

    First tweet:
    Any Triple-A prospects Molitor would like to see brought up for an August look?
    "Not really," he said

    Second tweet:
    Full exchange, to be fair:

    Q: Is there anybody on Rochester now you'd like to see earlier than September?
    Molitor: Not really. I mean, I know what these guys are doing. I know who our prospects are. I think everybody's kind of where they should be right now."

    1. Buxton has 28 SO in 88 PA at AAA. Astudillo is the only guy with a significant number of PA and an OPS above .800.

      I’m a little bit more surprised that none of the arms at Rochester deserve a look.

      1. The context is important. That makes it sound more like "Those guys will benefit more from another month in AAA than by being brought to the majors" rather than "Nobody at Rochester is any good."

  2. You know, sometimes those "so and so is typing a message" things are a curse, especially when you already think the person you're skyping is a moron and you can see that they keep typing and deleting a response to a simple question.

  3. Re: stupid homeowner tricks, we have a winner (cheaptoy)

    'Spoiler' SelectShow
    1. Ha! That's fantastic. I was saying it half as a joke, but sometimes its really the only thing you can do.

  4. I just discovered that old episodes of American Routes are archived on its website, and that said website is not blocked at work.

    1. That sign invites illegal parking because it will take an eternity for the tow to come and remove you.

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