31 thoughts on “Game 113 in progress”

  1. Garver got picked off to short circuit a possible big inning, but I didn't him do anything wrong. It basically was just a perfect surprise throw and tag on a runner that was getting an aggressive lead like he should.

  2. A couple of notes on the game so far:

    Cave obviously had a terrible first inning. I don't know what the metrics show, but he doesn't look like a good outfielder to me. He has some speed, and he'll make some spectacular-looking plays, but he also takes some bad routes and dives for balls he has zero chance to catch. Maybe the numbers say something different, but he doesn't pass the eye test.

    Garver should have at least one, maybe two caught stealings, and instead he has two stolen bases against and an error because his infielders can't catch the ball. The one he got the error on was thrown almost exactly where you'd want it to be thrown and Forsythe just missed it. I know it's easy for an official scorer to just unthinkingly say "E2" whenever the ball goes into the outfield, but there's no way that should've been Garver's error.

    1. He has some speed

      Some is definitely right. Statcast has his sprint speed at 27.8 ft/s, 42nd out of centerfielders (58 overall at that position). On the Twins, he's 7th, behind Buxton (still first in MLB), Polanco, Rosario, Johnny Field, Grossman, and Kepler.

  3. One other note--Clevenger is really pitching Sano tough. Not just a steady diet of breaking balls, but every strike has been just on the fringe of the zone. Despite that, Sano has a double and scored the only Twins run. That's a good sign.

      1. That was a bad call, but the first four innings, when I was watching on TV, the plate ump was doing a pretty good job overall.

  4. We continue to make Odorizzi get four and five outs in an inning. He's done very well so far, but I don't think he can do it forever.

  5. The pitch count isn't Odoreater's fault. It takes a lot more pitches when you have to get five outs in an inning.

  6. So what you're taking a lot of words to say, Atteberry, is that the Indians have a better roster than we do.

  7. Well, if there was any doubt about the Twins not catching the Indians this year, and I really don't think there was much doubt after the trades, then it ended on that home run.

  8. Sano has just 8 home runs this year, and 3 of them have been pretty dramatic game-tying home runs against Cleveland.
    4/18 solo in 14th inning in Puerto Rico
    5/31 3-run HR in 7th
    and today. The 5/31 HR was his last in the majors this year till tonight. The 2 pitchers he homered off of previously (Matt Belisle and Zach McAllister) have both subsequently been released by the Indians.

    The one in Puerto Rico and tonight are the only game-tying home runs in the ninth inning or later in Sano's career. He's never hit a walk-off homer and only once has he hit a go-ahead homer in the 9th-inning or later when had one in KC his rookie season, a tie-breaking solo homer in the 12th.

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