16 thoughts on “2018 Game 142: Royals at Twins”

  1. It'd be nice to get De Jong through one more inning and then get him a win. I know we all think the "win" is an overrated stat, but I also know he'd be pretty happy to get one in his first major league start.

      1. Maybe. I'm not following it very closely, so I really can't say. He'd only thrown seventy-three pitches, though, and from the printed play-by-play he wasn't showing signs of weakening.

      1. You're right, and I knew that and forgot. I'm sure he'd still have loved to get the win. But I guess all's well that ends well.

  2. Berrios pitched well last night, and De Jong and Littell have pitched well today. Too bad the offense went to sleep.

  3. Im all for "La Tortuga" becoming an official nickname

  4. De Jong* got the benefit of two check swings and nice pitch framing for three of his five Ks. Sure it was KC, and BBs, but he did a nice job.

    *autocorrect thinks his nickname should be Dr. Kong

    1. If he got some nice pitch framing, then maybe A-Stud isn't as bad defensively as he's been made out to be.

      1. Well, he caught 2 very inexperienced pitchers and helped them get through 7 1/3 innings with just 1 run allowed. Sure, it was KC, but it was a well-pitched game for the Twins for the most part other than some wildness by De Jong. Just realized the Royals only had a total of 3 hits.

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