40 thoughts on “September 11, 2018: Seventeen Years”

  1. I really hadn’t thought of it that way. I remember a roommate stating loudly that the attacks on that day would be forgotten in a couple of months. That kid wasn’t very bright.

  2. Is the baseball season still going on? I looked at the 4ltr over the weekend a couple of times and could not tell.

    1. I saw that and immediately went to work in my head as to how to convince my wife we need to see THS 3x in a 24hr period.

  3. THE NATION HAS AN APPETITE*: What does everyone think about turning this into a monthly rotating author cooking post? It could be a recipe, or a style, or a particular piece of equipment or ingredient, whatever. I'm thinking second Monday of the month as we have an opening there. Any volunteers?

    September (whenever): meat
    October 8: brianS
    November 12: Pepper
    December 10:

    (* Same name? Name change? Like "America's Half-Baked Kitchen" or something?)

    FATHER KNOWS BEST: I'm thinking to move this to 4th Monday so it's evenly dispersed with the other features. Also need volunteers and probably a new name as well. I like the joke, but it just feels like it should be called something different, right?

    September 24: Mike
    October 22: Zack
    November 26:
    December 24:

    1. How about Parent Knows Best? Or even (insert relation here) Knows Best? There's more than immediate children to deal with, such as parents or eventually for some, grandchildren.

      1. Hmm. J & I are childfree by choice, but I'm effectively an uncle of my friends' son. This leads to a lot of people very puzzled by our stance that children aren't for us and the fact that I'm caring and look forward to seeing my "nephew." If that would be interesting I'd write that in October.

        1. I've also had to reply to friends when asked about grandkids that they're not in the plans.

          I'd like to see things expanded for those of us who have to care (directly or indirectly) for our parents. Or pets -- God knows Rows has a story or two to share.

            1. edit: great different perspectives
              aren't biologically related AND don't permanently live with you.
              aren't biologically related AND DO permanently live with you.
              ARE biologically related AND don't permanently live with you.
              and so on, I'd think.

        2. heh, zack, I feel you brother. We've had to justify our choice to not have kids to almost everyone we've ever met. My barber is still telling me that it's not too late. Uh, yeah, that train has left the building.

          1. Another worthy discussion, but laden with emotion. The kids have a way of dominating your existence that makes one bristle at the notion of diminishing the value of ALL. THAT. EFFORT.

            1. [...]makes one bristle at the notion of diminishing the value of ALL. THAT. EFFORT.

              I guess I understand the impulse, but can't share it. My experience is my experience, and it isn't diminished in the slightest if someone watches my kid pout that he's not able to "play numbers" at a restaurant and thinks "NOPE." The habit of trying to pressgang others into one's own situation has never really been my thing ("when are you going to get {married/a real job/kids, etc}" as if these were merely checkpoints that everyone HAS to get to).

              My brother probably won't ever have kids, and our experiences will be different. He's going to miss out on some stuff, but then, so am I. As long as both of us get to the end of the day without any huge regrets, I'd say that it will have worked out fine.

                1. it's such a complicated set of decisions that it could never be summed up by watching a kid melt down. Also, people have always assumed that we're unhappy with our decision...

                  1. it's such a complicated set of decisions that it could never be summed up by watching a kid melt down.

                    Oh, I know. I was just being glib. I've had conversations with my brother about it, since he's (almost certainly) making the decision to not have any.

              1. I've more or less had a version of this same LTE running through my head all day. Essentially: it takes all types.

          2. I always hear "[J] will change her mind!" (aside: I know that what I hear about this is nothing compared to the amount of prying questions she gets about this, so I super empathize with her and any other childfree women) Like, I was always pretty ambivalent about having children, so I was fine with whatever she wanted. She knew from a young age that she didn't want them. So, we made sure the train left the station.

    2. I enjoy our half-baked call-backs (I know not everyone does), but I don’t think “half-baked” fits that feature. I have yet to make something from one of those posts that didn’t turn out delicious. There are some seriously good cooks around here.

      As for making it monthly, I worry this would undermine the spontaneity of these posts. If one of us makes a dish that knocks their socks off, but somebody else is up that month, are they going to feel like they’re stepping on toes if they write a spur-of-the-moment post? I’m not really inclined to wait (months?) to write up a delicious thing I’m still digesting.

      1. I don't think this would preclude anyone from sharing a recipe at other times. We do sometimes go months without a post, so it might not be bad to give it a try.

        I have a cold-weather recipe I photographed in April but never shared since it didn't make sense as the weather warmed up. November 12 might be a good time for that one.

        1. Yeah, I kind of wrestled with that. If anyone wants to put up a quick recipe additionally, I don't think anyone would have a problem with that. I was kind of looking at it the same way as Pepper though: if it's a monthly feature, we'll get more posts on average than we currently do right now.

    3. I don't have any good ideas for a better name for the parenting one, but I'm in to sign up. September would work well.

    4. So, on topic ---> I just made banana "ice cream". I put in 2.5 frozen bananas, a splash of milk, about a tbs of peanut butter, and about a tbs of nutella into the 'mix. This. is. awesome. I froze the naners in prep to make smoothies for doctor chop's recovery, and then she didn't want any of that noise, so here I am. Seriously, the best thing I've blended in recent memory.

      1. I made Alton's watermelon sorbet, but used cucumber vodka in place of normal. I'm not sure if I only taste the difference because I know I put it in there, or it legit tastes better. I'm not sure I'd pass a blind taste-test. But my mind is telling me it's a better version.

    5. We like puns, right? How about something featuring the word "Apparently"? Heck, it could just be "A Parently..."

      Anyway, I'm happy to volunteer on both subjects for whenever.

    1. I worked in the foreground building. (I now work in the background building.) I knew that.
      Some people believed that the WTC was partly targeted for attack (twice!) in part because Yamasaki took Arabic architecture styles and incorporated it into icons for global capitalism. (Or something like that.)
      A few folks in my office had some concerns that if more attacks were planned, our building could be targeted for the same reason. (Also, the Federal Reserve Building across Hennepin.)

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