5 thoughts on “baseball thingie in detroit.”

  1. Neat. New graphic showing the locations of the infielders during the shift, updating live as they move.

  2. Rosario, in his first game back in the field, hit an early home run to give the Twins the lead but then left in the fourth inning after re-aggravating the injury. He appeared to slip on the grass while cutting a ball off in the gap. Twins won 6-1. Opener/primary approach gives up 1 run in 7 innings (Moya 1 IP/Stewart 6 IP). Moya faced the top four batters then Stewart pitched to the top 4 batters 2 times and the bottom 5 three times on only 86 pitches.

    One thing about the opener/primary plan. It is a way to get around the "starting pitcher" having to go 5 innings to get the win. The "primary" pitcher can come in and go 4+ innings and will usually get the win as long as he leaves with the lead. I think the 5 IP requirement is pretty archaic since when it was originally made, teams would usually have just one reliever come in to finish the game , so they wanted to make sure the starter would have more IP than the reliever that followed in a nine-inning game. Nowadays that almost would never happen.

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