47 thoughts on “September 25, 2018: Happy Landings”

    1. Latest Woj report is that Thibodeau isn't bringing the best offers to Taylor because he still thinks he can keep Butler. This is so entertaining.

        1. This is the same guy who took a year off to travel around to learn from other teams.... and just did the same thing he's always done here.

  1. I’ve appreciated Matt Carpenter’s batting profile for years; paired with his positional flexibility, he was routinely a keeper on my fantasy teams. Looking at the similarity scores on his b-ref page this morning, suddenly Carpenter’s appeal makes all the more sense.

  2. I just passed two dudes decked out in mlb fan cave gear (obviously staff of the fan cave) while walking between buildings in the French quarter. We can’t even hold on to a minor league team...

    1. I have long thought NOLA would be a great place for the Twins’ to have a high-level minor league affiliate — it’s in the same time zone, is more or less convenient to either coast for road-trip call-ups, and (pure aesthetics) sits on the same river that runs through the home of the big league club. Yes, players wouldn’t get practice playing in cooler weather, but I’m not sure that’s a particularly good argument for staying in Rochester.

      Plus, “New Orleans Baby Cakes” is a top-shelf minor league team name.* Losing them to Wichita is a dang shame.

      '*' SelectShow
        1. Among my favorites are the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, the Richmond Flying Squirrels, and the Modesto Nuts.

            1. I saw that. I'd hate to lose the Chattanooga Lookouts announcer, Larry Ward, but other than that, it would be kind of cool. I always thought that Chattanooga team should be called the Choo-choos.

              1. And it's apparently closer to happening, because Chattanooga is now a Cincinnati affiliate. According to this article, the Twins will either go to Pensacola or Amarillo, which currently does not have a minor league team. I'm hoping for the Amarillo Armadillos.

      1. There's been times when the Twins were counting on a rehabbing player to play in Rochester and he couldn't because of rainouts or just bad weather in general. I'm guessing New Orleans would provide less of that.

    1. We do, and are happy with it. I don't use many of the fancy features, but my wife does. We have a thing set up with the electric company that gives us a discount because we allow them to shut off our A/C during super high use times, and the Nest does a good job of adjusting before and after that happens. It's nice having the ability to adjust the temperature before we get home if needed, too.

      1. We had that setup ~25 years ago for a while, then they shut the program down. It was a nice little bonus, and we really didn't notice any of the shutdowns. I only think they would shut down for 15 minutes max.

        1. We certainly notice the shutdowns, at least when we are home at the time; ours usually last for 2-4 hours, and when its 90-100+ outside, the house heats up fast. Considering how ridiculously high our electricity bills get in the summer, it saves us enough that it's worth it, but it can lead to some uncomfortably hot weekend afternoons.

  3. I think I can come up with 4 free tickets for the Twins game this Friday. Anyone interested? I already have tickets.

    1. I may be interested. Spoke to my wife, got the go-ahead, yeah, I'd be interested. Looks like I'll be up in the cities on Friday for a training.

    2. I can also get 4, so if Philo or CoC want them let me know how many/which game. I'll go with the order here Philo then CoC then anyone else.

      1. I mean... if there are Friday tickets available, I'd take some number of them, as I'm going to be up in the cities anyway, and that doesn't happen all that often, and also I'd like to see Mauer play again if I can... That said, if Corn wants some too, I'd be down with splitting them or doing some sort of mini caucus or whatever...

        1. Friday night? I can get 4 together and we can figure out the rest, but I want to make sure its the right game.

  4. Well, my final presentation went well enough. There were 40-50 folks from various departments, and sounds like they appreciated the material. I was even able to answer questions like I knew what I was talking about. And I sure am glad that that is done with.

    I have a deeper-dive presentation in the beginning of November, so now I have to start creating PowerPoints for that snoozer...

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