Game 156 — Tigers at Twins

Last home stand of the Twins’ season and the weather forecast looks cloudy, gray and cold the entire week. What a perfect metaphor for the Twin’s 2018 season. Twins versus Tigers one last series with Kohl Steward the primary pitcher (Opener hasn’t been named as I write this). Spencer Turnball, who didn’t have the greatest first start last week, on for the Tigers. (I didn’t check if he had a good curveball, which would be cool given his last name).

Game at 7:10p. It may be playing out the string but it’s still better than football.

Last game log of the season for me. Thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “Game 156 — Tigers at Twins”

  1. THud throwing out the first pitch for Timberwolves Day. That is perfectly hilarious for the Wolves.

    1. Stewart faced 21 batters, so if he had started, his final 3 batters would have been the top 3 batters in the order for the third time when he was most tired. Instead, it was only the 6-7-8 batters that saw him 3 times.

  2. I hope Gardy is telling Hunter Wendlestadt that he can kiss his ass during this review by the Tigers dugout.

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