October 17, 2018: Lively Games

We sure got a lot of baseball out of just two games yesterday. So much going on too. Spycraft and espionage from the Astros, Machado going full heel for the Dodgers. Yay, narratives!

14 thoughts on “October 17, 2018: Lively Games”

  1. I started falling asleep on the couch around the 8th inning last night. It would've been fun to be able to stay up for the walk-off, but I'm not sad that I chose sleep over another 5 innings.

    1. I was drifting in and out during the last two innings. Had to run it back a couple of minutes to see the walk-off.

      And Machado is a d!ck. The Boy would probably say he belongs on the hated Doggers.

  2. I just realized the Twolves managed to have a relatively quiet week as they go into their opener tonight. I'm sure this uneasy calm will hold throughout the season.

      1. Newbish was trying out a new tone of voice last night when we punished him for something, and I was wondering where I'd heard it, when suddenly it hit me -- it was a dead ringer for Thib's sideline voice.

        He's already got the "my way or the highway" attitude down, so maybe the boy has a future as an NBA coach?

  3. Where's DG? We need a Whangdoodle. I need to confirm if the Wild are as old, slow, and washed up as they seem to be.

    That's a bit harsh, of course, but Dubnyk seems to be the only reason they have any points at all.

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