FMD 10/26/18: A New Start

No, not the Arrested Development reference.

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We recently moved into a new house. It's smallish, but fits us well, and there's room to grow. The basement is completely unfinished and there are already footing poured for an addition if we ever wanted to grow outward too. This all has me thinking about opportunities, including the opportunity to set up a home for ideal music listening purposes.

I've not really followed all the various systems and whatnot, and I suppose I'll probably never actually get to do some cool system but... if you had a new start on a home, what kind of listening devices/locations/functions would you like to have?

As for right now... I'd be happy with finding a working CD player and eventually unpacking my old collection. It's been far too long. Maybe I'll get lucky and come across the right box this weekend.

Drop a list too, if'n you're inclined.

7 thoughts on “FMD 10/26/18: A New Start”

  1. 01. "When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You (Instrumental)" – Marvin GayeHere, My Dear
    02. "I'm Holding You" – Ween12 Golden Country Greats
    03. "Actor Out Of Work" – St. VincentActor
    04. "Townie" – MitskiBury Me At Makeout Creek
    05. "Mary Is Mary" – Wye OakThe Knot
    06. "Things Change" – Caitlin RoseOwn Side Now
    07. "Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis" – Tom WaitsBlue Valentine
    08 "WGOM Summer Mix 2018" – WGOMWGOM Summer Mix 2018
    09. "Paraphrased" – Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
    10. "Jewelry" – Blood OrangeNegro Swan

  2. Right now I have a Sony Sound Bar that connects to my Macbook running Itunes or can stream from Spotify, YouTube, etc. It's set up in my living room and being a swinging bachelor, in a house that's way to big for me, that works for me.

    I've thought that I'd want a music room, but the fact is I like to watch TV (sports) with music playing so not sure if that would work for me. So if (when) I move, I think I'd like a media room with a TV, soundsystem, comfy chair/couch, with books, etc. Since I run everything through the computer, I could still do that, but maybe Spooky could convince me to go the hi-fidelity route.

    1. Right -- I don't have a "music" room anymore, but our flexroom has the large flatscreen and surround setup, and it works just fine for music as well. I do have a soundbar and subwoofer hooked to my work computer, though, so I can stream audio to my hearts content while working.

  3. 1. Boulevard--Jackson Browne
    2. Southern Cross--Crosby, Stills, & Nash
    3. Rocket Man--Elton John
    4. El Condor Pasa--Simon & Garfunkel
    5. You're the Inspiration--Chicago
    6. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters--Elton John
    7. Never Gonna Fall in Love Again--Eric Carmen
    8. Days Gone Down--Gerry Rafferty
    9. Your Song--Elton John
    10. That Song Is Driving Me Crazy--Tom T. Hall

  4. 1. Ken Nordine “Chartreuse” Colors
    2. Jeep Beat Collective “The Bomb Drops” Return of the D.J. Vol. 1
    3. Prince “Medley: All Along the Watchtower/Best of You” Super Bowl XLI Half-Time Show
    4. The Beach Boys “Be True to Your School” Endless Summer
    5. Robert Plant|Allison Krauss& “Please Read the Letter”* Raising Sand

    6. Dntel “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan”* Life Is Full of Possibilities
    7. F--- Buttons “Surf Solar” Tarot Sport
    8. Raekwon “Glaciers of Ice” Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
    9. Sleigh Bells “Infinity Guitars” Treats
    T. Sonic Youth “Pattern Recognition” Sonic Nurse

    5. I consider this song a sort of sibling to Will Oldham/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy/Palace Songs' "Agnes, Queen of Sorrow", particularly the duet version from Sings Greatest Palace Music:

    Maybe it's the references to letters and things unsaid via country duet.

    6. Featuring Ben Gibbard on vocals. This was the spark that became the Postal Service.

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